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Ghost Dreams - The Dream Chronicles

I often dream through my conflicts. These dreams sometimes follow a theme or appear in sequence. I work out my questions through my dreams. There are a total of five Ghost dreams. With each dream, I started to understand the conflict I was trying to avoid thinking about. These are the third and fourth entries in " The Dream Chronicles ." The Third Ghost dream This dream was very quick and short. In the dream, I am at my parent's house. I'm sitting in the kitchen. Suddenly, the ghost pulls my chair across the kitchen, placing me in front of the kitchen window, facing my parents who are outside in the front yard. The Fourth Ghost dream Since I was a child, I have had the fear of looking in a mirror when the lights are off. I know there is nothing to fear, and sometimes I force myself to look in the mirror just to prove to myself that I am being silly. In the dream, I have woken up at night. I am in my parents bathroom with the lights on. I am at the

Shadow Shot Sunday - Moth

I was wondering what I would have for this week's shadow shot. When I woke up this morning, I found this small visitor in my apartment. He casts a cute shadow on the wall.

Pretend - Illustration Friday

When I wasn't climbing my favorite tree (pretending I was a famous explorer) or swinging on the swing, I would sit in my room painting or dancing to music on my record player. I also loved reading. Books took me into another world. They fueled my imagination. Books made me pensive. This is Pensive Tomoko. This original illustration was done with acrylics and pencil on acid-free drawing paper.

Shadow Shot Sunday

This was taken last month when my husband and I were walking along the river. The same walk where I had stepped on my glasses. I think this is an Egret? Bird experts, feel free to correct me. This Egret was wading in the river's shadowed current. I assume it was trying to catch its next meal. I was amazed that those skinny legs could hold up against that current. By the way, even though the frames of my glasses were mangled, the optician managed to fix them and at no cost. For more shadow shots and information on how to join, just visit Hey Harriet's blog.

Door to Door Sales People

"Entrance is Prohibited" In Japan, Door to Door Sales are still common. The Door to Door Sales people are always so kind and patient. They are out there rain or shine, so I try to be kind. I usually just nod and answer with a polite refusal. If someone comes to my door selling newspaper subscriptions, it's easy to say "No". I am not a newspaper reader. Would I like to join their group? Another easy "No". Would I like to sign up for their service? Let me just say, "No". When it comes to food sales reps though, I can't form that same one syllable word. Instead, my pupils dilate as I peruse their basket of goodies or the menu in hand. And without hesitation, I have committed to a weekly delivery of food. It wouldn't be so bad, except that, it means I have to be home at the decided time. Also, it puts a dent in my budget because I just end up over-spending. I wish I could say "No Thank You" as easily as I can wr

Shadow Shot Sunday

Last week I was craving spicy soup, so I headed over to a Thai restaurant. I had tom yun kun. I adore the taste and the finishing touch of cilantro. Cilantro usually refers to the fresh leaves of the Corriander plant. And corriander usually refers to the dry seed or powder. To me, Cilantro and Corriander spice taste totally different. While I was waiting for my soup, I spotted this lamp hanging from the ceiling. I thought the shape and shades of light though the straw lamp shade were pretty. I took this is Sepia mode. For more shadow shot sundays, visit Hey Harriet 's blog.