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Shadow Shot Sunday

Last week's shadow shot was of my cat on her perch near the window. This week I thought I would get a shot of my shadow. As I was about to take the photo, my cat plopped herself down in the sun near me and started to clean her front paws. She yawned just at the moment the photo clicked. It made for a fun shot.

sputnik's teeth and shadow

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bobbie said…
Ooo! Ferocious shadow! Good one!
What a great shot..You could have waited all day and never got this type of picture..Wonderful..nice teeth.
Hot Fudge said…
It looks like the makings of a great new movie - "The Attack of the Killer Cats". Wonderful shot.
Alissa Nicolau said…
This is awesome!
Jan said…
You're right, this is a fun shot! Looks as if she's going after your shadow.
A Wild Thing said…
Was that a lucky shot or what, almost protesting the shot...too cool!
Hey Harriet said…
Haha! Yes, this is a fun shot of your sweet sleepy cat. Just look at those big sharp shadow teeth. Yikes! Your cat is very entertaining & must be such a joy to be around :)
That's a funny one! It looks like she's on a major attack!!
Kat said…
fantastic cat, she looks like she has a wonderful life, get those shadows!
Awesome catch!
Chubby Chieque said…
Your kitty seems to know what your after, huh?

Ready, cam...pose! Then you had a perfect shot, girl?

Another well done.
Unknown said…
Perfect shot!!! I've been trying unsuccessfully for months taking pictures of our pet rabbits.
Anonymous said…
I like that you took a shot of your own shadow. LOL! Love your cat. ;-)

Paz said…
Wow! Look at those teeth!
What a fun shot! The shadow is so funny to look at! The mighty jungle cat....out on the prowl!
Tessa said…
Sun sleepy and very content....although at first glance she looks quite ferocious! Great shot.
Unknown said…
neat shot! cats make me laugh.
Chris Stone said…
love the cat pic!

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