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Li Po, Tea and Shadow Shot Sunday

I usually hybernate at home on Tuesdays. Last Tuesday, I had a different plan.

Remember, Keri Smith's 100 ideas/100 days? Well, I am still plugging away at it. Challenge No. 5: Rewrite a poem that I respond to. I chose Li Po's "Quiet Night Thoughts" poem. I love his poetry. I first discovered Li Po when I read an Ezra Pound translation.

For this challenge, I wanted to go to a cafe. I think Harriet's coffee photo last week set me on this course. Thank you Harriet:)

A 25 minute walk got me to Cour Plus. There sign board lists the cakes available for the day. Chestnut cake, Apple tart a la mode, or Kabocha pumpkin cheesecake.

Kabocha pumpkin cheese cake topped with cream and berries was a no-brainer choice! I had planned to eat only half and take the rest home ... so much for plans:)


The sun's rays gently wake me from my dream.
The sounds outside my window remind me
how far away I am from you.
I close my eyes once more and dream of home.

For more shadow shots, visit Hey Harriet's blog.


Unknown said…
haha..any shots of food is a fav of mine :D
A Wild Thing said…
Your killin' me with the cheesecake m' shadow shot, makes me just want to sit and have some tea...AND cheesecake!
bobbie said…
very lovely shadows

and very nice verse
Chris Stone said…
great pics! i adore li po.
Bobbi said…
Love the shot and the poem. said…
nice shadows you have captured! I would find it hard not to eat the whole thing as well!
Chubby Chieque said…
Ha! I more crave w/ the cheese cake w/ the nice poem. I ain't need cafe latte §:-)
Your poem is enough!

I enjoyed your SS so much. A very well done.

Anonymous said…
I have never hear of pumpkin cheesecake I just love baked cheesecakes not the 'mushy' ones made by a well known cheesecake shop here - sounds interesting. Also the shadows cast are great- I love the iron side table.
Hot Fudge said…
Cheesecake and poetry - the perfect combination. Except I would have opted for a coffee to go with it!
EG CameraGirl said…
The menu sounds fabulous! And the shadows so clear!
Sweet shadows and poem...and of course cake!
SandraRee said…
What a great post and shadow shot! I love your morning poem!
Oh...I don't know...the chestnut cake sounded good, too. (or possible the chestnut cake with the apple tart on top...hmmm...)

I love that you walked there to rewrite the poem. What a great challenge...and you got a shadow shot out of it too.

(This is the first time in a long time I've been able to get into your blog. My computer kept crashing each time I tried)
EmBelISH said…
Great shadow shot, and YUMMO menu... making my tummy rumble now!
x Em
What a great shadow! How nice that you got a poem & a shadow out of one visit....with cheesecake (an added bonus!!)
Hey Harriet said…
I like the sound of kabocha pumpkin cheesecake! I'm not surprised you finished it all in one go. I'm the same way with cake :)

Lovely poem & a cool shadow shot. Looks super in black & white. Cafe shadows I'm especially fond of!
Sherrie said…
Great Shadows!! The cake sounds and looks Yummy!! Have a great day!!

Unknown said…
beautiful adaptation/rewriting of the poem. i like the concept of doing this.

*adding it to my list of creative things to do*

love that photo of the book and food-stuffs, too!
Pictures are wonderful and mighty tasty looking..The poem is beautiful.
You know it really hit me..I use to go home all the time, L.I., N.Y..was small town USA..Now my parents are gone and I realize how much I miss it and all the fun we had together.
T.Allen said…
Cake, coffee, poetry-what a way to start the week! I've been slacking in my 100 ideas, but I'll be back today (or tomorrow) to get caught up. I really enoyed the poem, it is a new one for me.
Mary said…
Lovely poem Juana, I trully enjoyed it and as I do always reading your blog.
Dianne said…
I love that B&W shot

your poem is lovely

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