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Summer and Swimming

Today is the last day of June in some parts of the world. In Japan, the end of June also means the end of the rainy season! Summers are humid and balmy in Japan, but one reason I look forward to summers is I get to wear my summer tunics and summer dresses. I am on the hunt for more tunics from India and summer dresses. I also hope to start swimming for exercise soon. To view more painting,  please visit me at   GalleryJuana.Etsy.

7-Eleven in Japan

The first 7-Eleven opened in Japan in 1974. I pass this convenience store every Wednesday and Saturday. I rarely eat enough for breakfast, and I'm usually hungry by the time I reach this point, so I usually pick up a salad to keep me going until lunch time. The kanji (chinese characters) on the sign read: Liquour, Tobacco, Bank. Visit Hey Harriett's blog to see more shadow shots from around the world.

Artist's Palette

When I had my solo exhibition last year, I was asked by a visitor what my favorite color was. Great question but difficult to answer since my favorites change according to my mood. Currently these are the colors on my palette: titan buff, cadmium yellow primrose, medium magenta, aqua blue. Subtle shadows under the painting brushes and the dried acyrlic paint mounds. For more shadow shots, visit Hey Harriet's blog .

Japanese Commercials - Bananas and Men's Hair

Bananas I was hungry on the way to work, so I grabbed a banana and grapefruit juice at the corner convenience store near my workplace. Which brings us to our first Japanese commercial which is about ... you guessed right! Bananas. The young woman is trying to have a serious talk with her boyfriend about how they have been together for three years, and as she is going to her hometown to visit her parents... About Hair I recently got my semi-long hair cut to a short bob which I like very much. This hairstyle is much easier to deal with in the humid weather. Hair products are really easy to find in abundance in Japan for women and men. He is singing, "Life comes in many forms and so do Men."

Japanese School Boys

Junior High School and High School can be stressful for most students here. Entrance into High School and University are based on Exam scores. Getting into the right school at this young age can determine whether the student gets into the right University which could then have an impact on their success in their chosen career. That's alot to think about for a 14 year old. Junior high school is 3 years (12-15 years old). And High School is 3 years (15 to 18). Preparation for the High School entrance exam begins no later than the second year of junior high school. Most students attend a Juku (cram school) after their regular school classes. Juku's help the student who is falling behind to catch up. On the flip side, students who aren't behind in school can go further in their learning at juku. In addition to cram school, their time may be divided between school extra-curricular activities, music lessons and English lessons, and homework from the juku and sch

Six Sounds that make me Happy

Thank you LemonShortbread for this Happy Things tag! The rules are to name the tagger and name 6 unimportant things that make me happy and then tag 6 bloggers! However, I am inviting anyone who is interested to join by posting 6 things that make them happy either in the comments to this post, on your blog or both. If it's on your blog, let me know and I will post your link below. Six Sounds that make me happy 1. My cat drinking water. 2. I love the crunching sounds as she eats out of her dish by our bedside. 3. The thwat, thwat sounds of her paws as they walk across the tatami mat. 4. The sound of the chimes my Mother gave me years ago. 5. Popcorn kernals as they hit the stainless steel pan. 6. The sound of the sumi ink stick against the stone as I grind it into a liquidy paste.

Japanese Paper Lanterns

Tradtional papermaking in Japan requires patience, experience and attention to detail and a strong back. Before I leave Japan, I hope to visit a washi papermaking artisan's workshop. Mino in Gifu Prefecture is well-known for their handmade washi paper. has some wonderful photos showing Mino's process of making washi. This past winter I was having lunch and noticed the beautiful paper lanterns in the restaurant near to my workplace. There are shadows within the lamps as well as on the ceilings. I really want to learn how to make one of these! To see more shadow shots from all over the world, visit Hey Harriet's Blog .

ACEO Art Cards, Editions and Originals

I enjoy painting on the 2.5 x 3.5 inch scale required of an ACEO (Art Cards, Editions and Originals). At first the space seemed too small, but I quickly adjusted and find it rewarding to paint these small art pieces. To see more ACEOs. please visit me on Etsy at .