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A Shadow Shot day in Mexico

I enjoy seeing other bloggers give me a tour of their day, so I thought I would do the same this Sunday. Last Saturday, I did my shopping at the local Mercado for vegetables. Before going there, I stopped my the plaza downtown to log into their Wi-Fi and check my email. While sitting on the bench there, I noticed this shadow on the door. Doors and windows here are amazing! There is never an uninteresting door or window. Later in the afternoon, my husband and I went for a long walk in the baking sun. We came across an outdoor market. I found the wetstone I needed to sharpen my cooking knives, so it was a fruitful search. I caught sight of this man and his "working bicycle". I see these all over the city. There is a huge basket on the front side that sits over two wheels with the seat over one wheel in the back. Hope your weekend is going well. For more shadow shots, stop by Hey Harriet's blog .

Shadows on Zaragoza Street in Aguascalientes, Mexico

Last Friday was the coldest day we have had this winter. I was told that it even snowed downtown and that it happens once every 12 or 13 years. As we have no heater, I stayed in bed most of the day under the covers to keep warm. The following day it was warm again and has been getting warmer ever since. I think Winter was giving us her final goodbye for the season last Friday. I was so excited to see warmer days that I went walking and discovered a newer part of Downtown. Along this street in the photo, I found a chocolatier/patisserie. The owner gave me tastes of his chocolates and cheesecake. While I stood there enjoying all the wonderful flavors, I tried my hardest not to make the noises I make when I am eating something delicious. I walked out with a huge piece of cheesecake and will be back later for some chocolates. Visit Hey Harriet's blog for more shadow shots from around the world.

Subtle, Sunday Truck Shadows

While on my walk a while back, I saw this old truck. I wonder how old it is. Gotta love it's name. For more shadows, visit Hey Harriet's Blog

Siamese Cat Shadows

It is not very long that I can resist photographing Sputnik and then showing her off to everyone! Recently I moved to a smaller room for my art studio. I haven't bought any studio furnishings yet and am just using what came with our rental house. My desk is a small table. My art table is a high tiled shelf and nook that serves the unintended purpose well. My studio has a window facing south which lights up the room well. Sputnik likes to bask in the sun in the late afternoon. I caught this photo of her as she was patiently waiting for me to put away the camera. Visit Hey Harriet’s blog to join or view more shadow shots from around the world.

Sugarcane Shadows

There is a street vendor on every corner and in every nook of the Plazas in this city. On Christmas eve we had hotdogs from one that were loaded with sauteed onions, chili sauce, the usual condiments and jalapenos. On New Year's eve, we had corn from another with cream and cheese. Definitely got my fill of calories over the holiday. On one of our walks after the holidays, I spotted this guy getting ready for business. He had some bags with cubed sugarcane ready on the middle right for early bird customers. I am not sure what the other bottles on the cart are for (maybe he sells snow cones too). I tried sugarcane once as a child but haven't tried it since. For more shadows shots from around the world, visit Hey Harriet's blog .