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Space Oddity

The idea of being an astronaut fascinates me:   no gravity, a sense of being disconnected, the fear of not being able to return to your known world, walking outside the space craft in bulky suits with your partner, going on a journey. Even though the idea intrigues me, I don't really care to be in a space shuttle going to another planet or into space.  My husband would travel into space if he had the chance, and I would go with him.  How about you?  Would you want to travel into space? I love David Bowie's "Space Oddity."

Male Figure Painting, Ink and Watercolor on Rice Paper

Available at 46 cm height x 68 cm width (18 inches x 26) Hopefully, I'll have some new work to list by the end of next week.    In the meantime, above is a painting that I completed  in 2001.  I love using sumi ink.  Thanks to PinkPurl  for introducing me to this list.  It's a nice glimpse into my psyche.  Here are my answers: If I were: a color, green a verb, wake a day, Wednesday a TV show, Zimmerman's Bizarre Foods a taste, mole an emotion, impatient a month, October a flower,  Sweet Peas a holiday, Thanksgiving a movie, Kung Fu Panda an article of clothing, sneakers a book, Watership Down a car, Volvo C30 a piece of furniture, a chest of drawers a scent, patchouli an instrument, bagpipes

Ink and Watercolor Figure Painting

Thank you to everyone who dropped by to wish me a good trip. I am still in California. Sputnik tolerated the air flight well and has adjusted pretty quickly to her new surroundings. I have been slowly listing my paintings that I had left in California in my Gallery Juana Etsy shop. Those paintings are larger than what I have been doing lately. Most of the watercolors that I used were from Daniel Smith. I love his oranges, yellows, browns and golds.