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Cat Nap

Cat Nap, Sumi Ink and Watercolor on watercolor paper I love to watch my cat nap and wonder what she's dreaming.  Who do you like to watch sleeping?


Have you ever eaten Nopales?  A number of years ago, my Mom took a small cut-off of one and planted it in the garden.  Each week we cut off the ripe nopal leaves, remove the spines and cook them up. The trio in these photos aren't ready yet, but they are already looking delicious.  The same cactus plant will bear edible fruit called tunas.  They are quite seedy but make for an interesting fruit. Looking at wikipedia, Nopales comes from the Nahuatl language.


I'm still in the States, and my Husband and I have decided to move back to the States.  He is still in Mexico trying to close up all lose ends there.  Sputnik will be happy to know that she doesn't have to get on an airplane anytime soon. I came back to my hometown when I heard my 82 year old Mom was diagnosed with Stage IV Kidney Cancer.   She had the 8 cm tumor and her left kidney removed on May 20th.  The surgery went well and she was home from the hospital within 4 days.  That afternoon she went outside in the backyard to check on her garden.  She likes to see how the lemons are coming along.    She has inspired me with her fortitude and ability to see the good in each day.