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Siamese Cat Shadows

Dove into some old digital files for today's Shadow Shot Sunday.  This one is from December 2008.  I'd shown a previous one from the same time in which Sputnik was yawning and looking fierce.  The above shot is before the yawn, so she's looking sweet and content. I hope everyone is having good weather and a good weekend.  Drop by Hey Harriet's blog to join this shadow shot meme and view photos from around the world.

Live Model Drawing

Joy, pencil on paper Last Saturday I headed over to the City Arts Gallery for their Saturday with Models drawing sessions.  The adventure started with running to catch the City bus, then a 45 minute ride (including transfering buses), then another run to the gallery as I had gotten lost and was going to be late.  Phew!  I made it before everything got started. We  began with 15 minute sketches and ended with 30 minutes sketches over the course of 4 hours.  I hope to make it there again. I'll be doing a sumi ink and watercolor nude figure painting soon based on this drawing.

Waiting, Poem and Illustration

Over the last seven days, I've added 4 more entries to my sketchbook for the 2011 Sketchbook Project.  All 4 entries are still in progress.  My theme is "Adhere To Me" and I've settled on it being a book of memories. This particular entry has my illustration on the left and my poem on the right. This is a sketchbook, so keeping my pages neat and clean has been a challenge.  The acrylic I had applied on a previous page got messy and ended up all over on different pages.  Finding a clean page is impossible now, so I'm working around these spots.  I might paint her skirt to make the spot less obvious.  We'll see. Waiting You've been gone ten days now, four more. You call. Your voice calms the raindrops and wakes the sun. I miss you more than I could have predicted. I'm cold at night, can't sleep. Every morning the canvas stares hard at me, the brushes and oils have given up speaking to me. I wander from room to room  watch a

Unique Ford Truck

Last weekend, this truck caught my eye as I was walking around an old part of town. Perfect shadows for todays Shadow Shot Sunday.   To view more or to participate, head on over to  HeyHarriet's blog .