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Sleeping Siamese Cat and Sketchbook

drawing for my sketchbook project 2011 Looking for Sunday Shadows Now that the weather is cooler, Sputnik keeps me constant company.  Above is a scene from my typical work day:   Sputnik sleeping on my lap while I work at my desk. Seek more shadows and/or participate at Hey Harriet's Blog .

Touring and Painting

I've been absent for awhile.  Life got busy and then last Friday I came down with a cold.  I was so happy that it had passed within 24 hours that I took my usual long Sunday bicycle ride.  Well, I was wrong.  The cold had not passed and my body was protesting the entire way back home.   Even with the pain and nausea the bike ride was pretty good.  It was a rainy, grey day. so the country roads were quiet and almost void of traffic.  I'm shopping for a touring bicycle, so if you happen to know anyone who owns a Surly or Bike Friday, let me know what they think about their bike. surrounded my orange groves I spent the week scanning art work and preparing digital files for prints. The work below will soon be available as a print. Apothecary's Weight 24.5 cm height x 15.5 cm width And, yesterday I finally felt well enough to finish my latest Siamese cat painting .  It felt good to add a new painting to my shop.  Now I need to get moving on my sketchbook for the Sk

Balcony Shadows

Several weeks ago I rode Downtown which is the old part of town.  The buildings and architecture are beautiful.  I am also having fun with Gimp and learning this program, so pardon the editing. Hop over to Hey Harriet for more shadow shots and to participate.

Baucis and Philemon

It has been a busy week, but I managed to get two more line drawings added to my sketchbook.  The more I work on it, the more it becomes mine .  The thought occurred to me of not sending it in to the permanent arthouse collection. Photographing the sketchbook with my digital camera has been difficult.  I need to get a scanner, so the pages will lie flat.  With better digital images, I'll be able to offer prints. How do you photograph your sketchbooks or journals? The Process Exploring my theme, "Adhere to Me," has lead me on to relationships and memories. I covered the pages with old dictionary paper. I ended up pasting the right side upside-down. The two portraits were first drawn on washi with sakura pens. I then adhered them to the pages and sparingly painted with acrylics. The acrylic background further joins the couples. The upside-down and right-side up dictionary pages end up giving a yin and yang feel to the couple. I still need to sew thread f

Summer Cycling

Got ice cream and water here With the summer cooling down as California rolls into Autumn, I've started to take longer bike rides on Sundays. Last Sunday, I revisited a route that goes through the San Joaquin Valley foothills near my hometown. I hadn't done that trip since University days. I found out how out of shape I am when I had to walk my bicycle up a couple of the hills.  I was on my cheap, heavy bicycle which ended up being a good thing.   A quarter of the road had no bicycle lane, so I rode on the shoulder.   The total ride covered about 40 miles.  This coming Sunday I plan to go up to the same area but take a better route. Have you ever done a bicycle tour?  Let me know if you have.   I've only done long rides locally, but I'm interested in touring for weeks on a bicycle. California Summer  Life is like a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving. -- Albert Einstein