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Detail of a Archimedes, Hand and Gear - Sunday Sketches

I have not burnt out my desire to draw hands yet.  Here is a detail of one I finished this past week.  I used charcoal, pencil, white charcoal, and blended white and sanguine conte to create layers of greys, whites, soft pinks and blues in this drawing. Detail of Archimedes, Hand and Gear Join the sketch-blog hopping inspiration at Sophia's blog .

Autumn Leaves, Wordless Wednesday

Autumn 2010 Join the Wordless Wednesday blog hopping at Sarah's blog .

Sunday Sketch

my husband's hand I am continuing with my theme of hands.  I spent the week drawing hands and have a sore wrist and hand to take care of at the moment.  Yesterday I stayed away from my laptop and didn't do any drawing or painting. I foiled my own plan of giving my hands a rest by juicing about 15 oranges and 5 grapefruits.  The trees are giving us so much fruit, I couldn't resist.   Oh well, the fresh squeezed juice was amazingly delicious! The above quick sketch is for my 365 painting a day project.   My sweet husband modeled his hand for me. Wishing everyone a good weekend, and for more Sunday sketch links, visit Sophia's blog .

Autumn Shadows

autumn 2010 These flowers were as tall as me.  We'd taken a dirt road into the fields near the bike trail where we ride. I just thought they were so pretty with their muted, earthy colors. Visit HeyHarriet's blog to participate and view more shadow shots.

First Flight - Wordless Wednesday

wordless wednesday blog

W I P, Sunday Sketches

Constellation X, wip 6th grade was the first time I used sumi ink for a school art project.  I instantly fell in love with how it flowed on the paper.   For the above line drawing, I used a sumi brush to draw the lines with sumi ink on watercolor paper.  This is the beginning of Constellation X.  I'll be adding collage and pencil to complete the work. Join in on the Sunday Sketch tour at Sophia's blog . side note: My digital camera must have dust inside the lens, so every photo now has a small black dot on the left side.  Editing lessened it a bit.  Camera is out of warranty so we'll see what happens.

Begin = Possibility

vessel and sunrise I have doubts here and there on whether I'll be able to create something every day.  Questions on what will happen when life gets too busy.   It's not a group project, so no one but myself is imposing this resolution on me. What's keeping me going is the satisfaction in my productivity.   In the past, on days where I thought I had no time or motivation to create, I would've just chalked it up to a lost day.  I felt that same way last week, but this resolution had me at my art desk.   Putting my self in place and the act of beginning were all it took to make possibilities happen. Last night,  I'd been at my art desk all day and finished around 7 p.m.  Looking for motivation to go to the gym,  I went outside in the winter evening and picked some oranges.  The cold air woke me up and the sweet wedges of the peeled oranges refreshed me even more.  I got to the gym. This 365 project has opened my eyes to what the words "Begin" and

Sunday Sketches

detail of Constellation V, wip These canvas collage works are for my exhibition in March.  I hope to have the last one done by the end of January.  The drawing is done on top of the collage with a 2b pencil and then retraced with a 5b pencil. For more Sunday Sketches, head over to Sophia's blog .

365 - painting a day

Constellation II,  collage on paper That is my 2011 new year resolution:  start and finish one art piece a day.   Only 7 days into the new year and I'm doing well so far. Some things I've learned have surprised me.   1.  Even though I had been doing art most days in 2010, I hadn't been finishing something everyday. 2.  By day 6, I was totally exhausted!  Finishing a piece everyday has been a workout both mentally and physically. 3.  I get to dance in my "studio" more often to songs on my pandora ... hee hee. 4.  I am learning to let the little things go (like putting my pen on a dollop of paint and making a complete mess of my hands and pen or having a line not be clean and thin).  I seem to be jumping over those frustrations more quickly. 5.  I can multi-task well except when it comes to my art projects.  I tend to be consumed by one project and completely forget about the others.  So on Tuesday when I was on the treadmill at the gym, I voiced my s

Live and Learn

Happy New Year!   My new year's resolution is to complete one art work every day for the entire year.   Although, I do something art related everyday, I don't always complete an art work.  On New Year's Day I worked to finish my first collage. My original pencil lines were too light and I needed to retrace them.  The lines done with a ruler were easy to retrace.  But how to retrace the circle done with a compass?  I had used the compass in a way that left no hole on the paper.  I probably could have matched the compass perfectly by doing the math, but that's not me.   I tried to visually match the width of the compass and redraw the circle.  That didn't work and the circle looked pretty messy.  With the "I told you" voice ringing in my head, I snatched up the collage and rolled it into a ball. I remember when I was 6 years old, my Father was happy with the completion of his model glider. It was bright orange and seemed almost the same size as me.  I