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Portrait, Sunday Sketches

Portrait I haven't settled on any project yet, so I spent the week just playing with my pencils and paper. I used pencil, conte crayons and blended with a white charcoal pencil for the above portrait.  I then drew lines around the portrait with the metal tip of my mechanical pencil and rubbed charcoal over that.  The charcoal skipped over the dents in the paper.   This drawing has given me some ideas to explore this coming week. Hope everyone had a good weekend. For more Sunday Sketches, hop on over to Sophia's blog .

Oak and Roots, Wordless Wednesday

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Figure Drawing, sunday sketches

Joy, Sept, 2010 In September 2010, I had the chance to attend a live model drawing session.  The image above is the original drawing.  original drawing, figure, pencil conte crayon white charcoal I've redrawn the sketch from that day several times and altered it each time.  I shortened the body and gave it more of a curve.   The above was a study in shade and form.  I used this figure in the final painting for my up-coming exhibition at the Rogue Art and Music Festival. I hope everyone is having a good Sunday.  We've got sunshine and spring-like weather, so I'll be out on the bicycle today. For more sketch hopping, visit Sophia's blog .

Early Spring Shadows

Early February, 2011 These daffodils always bring sunshine to my spirit when they bloom. They haven't all bloomed yet. Only one bunch. They are a radiant bunch when they're all in full bloom.   The sun was setting when I took this photo, so tiny shadows dance among the petals.  For more shadow shots from other bloggers,  visit heyharriet's blog .

What I've learned from my Cat

Juana's eye, sketch in pencil It was past midnight, and I realised the day had passed without me getting my 365 days of art piece done.  I got out of bed and grabbed my sketchbook, pencil, 3 inch mirror, and itouch. The itouch gave me a bit of light and the mirror gave me a bird's eye view of my face. A few nights earlier, I had sketched my husband's eye and nose, so it was fitting to get the same of me. I've been busy preparing for my exhibition which is just a few weeks away and just trying to keep up with life.  In my fury of stress, I looked over at Sputnik, my siamese cat, and smiled as she delicately cleaned her front paws and cheeks.   I was editing the above sketch in gimp and stopped to write these thoughts. What I've learned from my Cat On rainy days, it's best to cuddle. Do what you love when you get the chance.  You never know when the next time will come around. Take that nap.  You'll feel better.  And if you have someone to cud

Cat Drawing, Sunday Sketches

Sputnik, February 05, 2011, pencil on paper While Sputnik was getting ready to curl up on her bed, I drew this quick sketch of her. To view more sketches, hop over to Sophia's blog .