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Wordless Wednesday

Graffiti on a wall along the bike path.  Local support for Egypt's cause possibly? Go Here for more wordless wednesday blog hopping.

Wadsworth Cat, Sunday Sketches

Saturdays are the hardest day for me to get my daily drawing in.  I am often under the bed covers when I've remembered I need to do my 365 days of art contribution.  Last night was the same as every Saturday:  I had forgotten.   My cat, Sputnik, had settled herself on me, so I didn't want to get up.   I borrowed the ball point pen my husband had in his hand and grabbed the book at my bedside and set to drawing Sputnik. March 26, 2011 sketch I hope everyone had a good week and weekend.  I look forward to seeing everyone's Sunday Sketches  at Sophia's blog.

California Highway - Wordless Wednesday

scan of a photo I took over 15 years ago More Wordless Wednesday Blog Hopping

Lucha Libre, Medusa and Sunday Sketches

I'm working on a new collage series.   I drew the same face everyday for about a week.  The first days were very abstract.  With each day, the face became less abstract.  I started this series after I had finished the canvases for my recent exhibition.  My creativity was pretty much spent, so I think that is why my portraits were abstract and geometric.  My mind and hand were not ready to move on yet. I completed the drawing at left on the second day.  It reminds me of the Lucha Libre masks worn by Mexican wrestlers. Below was the last drawing and I felt I had a better idea of what I want to do with this series.  These portraits will be part of a new collage series. medusa study Visit Sophia's blog for more Sunday Sketch blog hopping.

Wordless Wednesday

Peach Blossom March 2011 Keeping those in Japan close to my heart. Wordless Wednesday links .

Mr. Sushi, Wordless Wednesday

 Mr. Sushi Catching a bite at Mr. Sushi just before heading over to my exhibition at City Arts Gallery. For more wordless wednesday fun, visit here .

Gloaming, Sunday Sketches

Working out ideas for Gloaming While waiting with my Mother for one of her appointments, I worked out ideas for the last piece in my "Death, Birth and Identity" series.   I was trying to figure out what other elements to include and how to marry the figure at the top with those elements on the canvas. Below is the finished piece which on view at the City Arts Gallery during the Rogue Festival . Gloaming, 16 x 20 inches (40.6 x 50.8 cm) Wishing everyone a week filled with art and love. Stop by Sophia's blog to see more Sunday Sketches.

Bicycle Shadows and The Rogue Festival

Every year around this time, the Rogue Festival takes place in Fresno, California.  It's modeled after the worldwide Fringe festival.  I've always been out of the country so have never had the chance to participate. It's an amazing event that features comedy, theatre, dance, art, music, poetry, burlesque, magic and much more.   This year is my first year to participate in the art phase and I have 5 canvas works on display at City Arts Gallery in the Tower District .  We attended the kick-off event at Full Circle Brewery. I was the designated driver, so no chance for me to have a dark beer.  While my husband was waiting in line to get his dark ale, I spotted the neon bike resting on one of the ceiling's beams. Neon Bike Love The weather started warming up in early February and we headed out on our bikes for lunch and a long ride.  There was no bike rack so we improvised with the tree. February Bicyles Wishing everyone a wonderful Shadow Shot Sunday and bl

Rogue Festival 2011

Last night was the kick-off for the Rogue Festival 2011.   My series, "Death, Birth and Identity," is showing at City Arts Gallery.    I completed 5 canvases for this series. Death, Birth and Identity series by Juana Almaguer Below is a local newscast of the event.  The reporter interviewed the gallery owner and you can see my work at the 32 second mark.

Sunny Morning, Wordless Wednesday

Sputnik on the windowsill on a snowless Saturday The big news all day last Friday was that we might get a rare snowfall between 4 and 6 a.m.  I happened to get up at 3 a.m. and looked out the window.  The sky was clear and beautiful.   I woke up on Saturday to an amazing blue sky, white cotton clouds and sunshine. Go here for more wordless wednesday blog hopping.