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Computer love, cat shadows

Sputnik was giving my computer some loving with her cheek.  That is "Generalissimo" (named by my husband) on my bulletin board. I hope everyone had a good week and are enjoying their weekend.  For more shadows, hop on over to HeyHarriet's blog .

bee gathering honey, wordless wednesday

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Medusa Series - Sunday Sketches

It's a lovely weekend and I hope everyone is enjoying theirs as well. Weeks ago, I gave you a glimpse of my Medusa sketch which was the springboard for this series. Above is the first drawing for the series. I've included a detail. The full drawing of this female nude figure can be seen here  at Gallery Juana-etsy. Visit Sophia's blog for more Sunday Sketch blog hopping.

Bee and Orange Blossoms - shadow shot sunday

The orange blossoms are in full bloom.  I spent some time trying to get close enough to get a shot.  The buzzing sound of the bees and the sweet fragrance of the blossoms was hypnotic. I hope everyone had a good week and is enjoying their weekend. For more shadow shot blog hopping, visit HeyHarriet's blog .

Dandelion - Wordless Wednesday

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cat painting - sunday sketches

Pangur Bán III by Gallery Juana Earlier I posted about my latest series, Pangur Bán . Above is my latest in that series. My neighbor has a beautiful, grey, tom cat. Our front and back yards are part of his territory, so he often makes himself at home in our yard. He was the inspiration for Pangur Bán III. I started out with green-tinted sumi ink and watercolor for the first layer and added layers of acrylic, black sumi ink, pencil and watercolor to bring it up to a grey hue with subtle differences of color.  I drew his collar with watercolor pencil. As a side note, when I was living in Japan, I purchased a variety of  sumi ink in different hues: black, brown, blue, green. I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  I'll be around to visit shortly. Visit Sophia's blog for more Sunday Sketches blog hopping.

yellow hot chili peppers, zumba and bicycles

Being of Mexican heritage I love anything and everything hot. My favorite pickled chilies are locally grown and bottled in California. They are tangy and hot. I usually have 3 -5 of them with tacos or tostadas. What do chilies have to do with Zumba? It's another form of salsa:) My sister introduced me to the salsa-based workout. It's alot of fun dancing and laughing at myself while I try to do some of the hip-hop and latin dance moves. Which leads me to the bicycle ride my husband and I took last Sunday. We were riding side by side and exploring a new area. We couldn't go straight as it was a T-zone. With my husband on my right side, I looked left to make sure no cars were coming.  When I looked right, my husband was looking right as well. We were in the middle of deciding against the neighborhood, so I took it as a sign that we going to the bike trail. I turned right and realized too late that he was not turning right. My bike crashed into his and locked u

cat portraits and pangur ban

sputnik The other day my cat, Sputnik, was lying on the bed curled up for her nap.  As I was hovering around her with my camera, she looked up.   I turned the photo I got of her into a black and white stencil photo  and used it as a spring board for my latest cat portrait series,   Pangur Ban , on etsy. Pangur Ban I on etsy Pangur Ban is a poem written by an Irish Monk about his life with his cat.  The excerpt below is from a translation by Kuno Meyer at . Pangur Ban - The Monk and His Cat I and my white Pangur  Have each his special art :  His mind is set on hunting mice,  Mine is upon my special craft.

orange blossoms- wordless wednesday

Soon their scent will be gliding through my window and filling my room!  For more wordless wednesday blog hopping, head on over to Sarah's blog ...  here .

Ultimate Blog Party 2011

Thanks to 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting this blog hop. me in 1966 What Gallery Juana's blog is all about . . .  Hello to everyone joining the Blog Party. I'm Juana ... an artist, cat-lover (dog-lover too except I travel too much to have one).  Photography is my hobby. My blog is pretty much about Art, Photography and Cats. 2011 is my self-imposed 365 days of art. I usually post my photos on Tuesday for Wordless Wednesday and Shadow Shot Sundays. I post my art works in progress, sketches and drawings on Sundays for Sunday Sketches. My Website and Facebook artist portfolio gallery juana on facebook Visit the 5 Minutes for Mom  blog  to join in on the fun.