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my siamese sputnik, wordless wednesday

she's focusing on my laptop camera's beeping for the photo. hop along at sarah's blog .

wordless wednesday, walking in the foothills

Manzanita More wordless wednesday here .

cat drawing, sunday sketches

This is one of the sketches that I used to make last week's animated video. This sketch was done quickly and without erasing. I had placed the small, cream-colored paper on top of a large piece of sketch paper. I ended up using both pieces for this drawing. Lately, I've been reading Frederick Frank's book titled "Zen Seeing, Zen Drawing." One of his exercises in the book for drawing is to keep your eyes on your subject while drawing on the paper. You are not supposed to check your paper at all during this exercise. I started out that way but then moved on to glancing quickly at my paper and then keeping focused on my subject. Overall, I liked how I came in to a rhythm with my hands and eyes and became less conscious of a divide between my mind and my actions. Thank you to ZenDotStudio for introducing me to this author. For more Sunday Sketches, hop on over to Heather's blog .

california wild flowers, joy pockets

It was a busy week filled with many reasons to smile: surprise visit from far away cousins lots of laughter road trip to San Francisco with Mom, Sis and Cousins bbq's in the backyard summer nights sleeping in late with my kitty walking in the foothills salsa and avocado good glass of wine For more glimpses of what makes people smile, hop over to Monica's Joy Pockets .

Sputnik's bath time - sunday sketches

I completed two quick sketches of Sputnik based on a video that I took of her. I then scanned those images and edited them in gimp. I used imovie to stitch the images together and add music. I enjoy seeing what everyone has posted for their sunday sketches. My primos are visiting this weekend, so I'll be round to your blogs on Monday:) More sunday sketch links on Sophia's blog .

kyoho grape leaves and joy pockets

sputnik looking out the front screen door kyoho grapes ripening on the vine mom in the garden hunting for tomatoes and chilies my husband making me laugh with his exaggerated accents white, delicate blossoms blowing across my path sitting under the canopy of grape leaves feeling like a creature of nature Find more joy pockets on Monica's blog .

puffs tissue - wordless wednesday

linking up with wordless wednesday here