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Bath Time II, cat pen drawing

It's been awhile since I've been able to draw cats, and I've dearly missed drawing my Sputnik.   I recently revisited one of my previous sketches of her. On Saturday, I drew her again with pen on 8 x 10 paper. Bath Time II, pen drawing on paper, 8 x 10 Available for purchase at For more Sunday Sketches, hop on over to Sophia's blog .

Black Friday Hike and Shadows

Black Friday is the Friday after the Thursday Thanksgiving in the U.S. and means crowds out shopping to nab the big sales. We skipped all of that and headed up to the local man-made lake to hike the trails that meander through the foothills.  It was a gorgeous day and we spent 3 hours out there.  Can you spot our shadows in the first photo? at the top of a vista point Getting to the vista point, meant going off trail as we couldn't find the trail that lead up to it.   We also had to go off trail again after leaving in order to meet up with our original trail. off the trail Nature had many colors! something fungal on a tree trunk I took this time-lapse 360 when we were at the top of the vista.  From Summer to Winter, the foothills are blanketed with dry, tall grass and oak trees.  The river runs through this area and ends at the Dam with the lake.   **  video has music More shadow shots at Hey Harriet's blog .

pen drawings in my moleskine

I usually keep this small moleskine in my bag.   I've been caught without it though and use my calendar book or bits of paper on hand. I sketch mostly when I'm waiting or when I want to sketch quickly and without corrections. How I crave pizza! R.I. P. sputnik Recently, I got contacts.  I'm liking how they work for the most part.  I am nearsighted, so when I wear glasses, I take them off for reading and doing my art.  In the past with contacts, I've never been able to read or do my art while wearing them. However, this eye doctor suggested I try the monovision method for contacts.  Have you ever had the monovision contacts (one side is for reading, the other side is for seeing far)?  It is really freaky how this works!  I can read and see far.  The division of my sight is somewhat noticeable when I'm reading but still comfortable. For more Sunday Sketches, visit Sophia's blog .


I finally got a hummingbird feeder hanging just outside my window. shadowed silhouette of the hummingbird through the window screen I knew about the hum of their wings as I'd had one hover near me once as I was standing near a hanging nasturtium.   However, I never knew they made a clicking sound as well. The temperatures dropped this past weekend, so I haven't seen them as often in the past couple of days. I got these photos last week while sitting at my desk and looking through the open window.   The hummingbird in the lemon tree really gives me a sense of their size. hummingbird  in lemon tree I also found this  homemade nectar recipe on the Smithsonian National Zoo park site. Directions for making safe hummingbird food: 1. Mix 1 part sugar with 4 parts water and bring to a boil to kill any bacteria or mold present. 2. Cool and fill feeder. 3. Extra sugar water may be stored in a refrigerator. 4. Red dye should not be added. Adding this to Hey

Ten on Ten

one photo every 10 hours on the tenth of each month morning walk in the backyard cranberry biscuit with coffee morning art - work in progress afternoon snack break from painting, call to follow-up on Mom's blood test making my day less sedentary:  dance break! checking the mail Finished the day with the gym,  grocery shopping, "Person of Interest," and a hot shower. Sweet dreams everyone. join on Rebekah's blog

kaki, persimmon

autumn kaki, Japanese persimmon wordless wednesday

Flour Vintage Container

Joining Sunday Sketches with my latest entry for the Sketchbook Project 2012. My theme is Encyclopedia of ... and I am including sketches of things I and my family collect along with thoughts about these collections. The first sketchbook I sent in was with my originals.  This time I'm keeping the originals and printing the scanned drawings onto the sketchbook pages then adding color.