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female portrait, pen drawing, sunday sketches

Petra I, 9 x 12 I really love doing these line drawing portraits with the varied hairstyles. I never really know how the pattern will turn out until I've already begun. I draw the "joints" of the hairstyle first and then develop the connecting lines as I go. For this female portrait, I also added pieces of rice paper that I had painted with watercolor for her hair accent. I am joining Sophia's Sunday Sketches . The past few Sundays I have spent the day hiking in the foothills, so I'll be round to see what you've all been up to on Monday. Have a good Sunday!

Wasabi, Eloping and Sketchbook Project 2012

I'm slowly but surely filling up this "Encyclopedia of" themed sketchbook.  I think I'm going to try and have this in the mail by Jan 2, 2012.  These are the latest sketches and thoughts that I've added since October.  Excerpts from each hand-written page follow each image. opening page Fork and Spoon and my memory of telling my parents I'm moving in with my boyfriend. More than 25 years ago, my husband and I eloped.  Before eloping, we lived together for about a year. I remember what my Mother said when I told her I was moving in with my boyfriend (now my husband).  She said, "Hay Muchacha!"  Then she told me to tell my Father.  Darn, I thought she'd tell him for me.  My Father said, "I guess that's how it's done nowadays."   After we eloped, I told my Mom that we had gotten married.  She said, "Gracias a Dios."  I'm thankful that my parents gave me just enough freedom to make the choices I felt strongly

embracing couple, pen abstract art

Anniversary I, 6  x 6, pen illustration and collage This pen abstract illustration came together from two separate sketches: The first doodle was with  the rectangles and circles, and the cellular-like doodle was done on a different day. As I was looking at the first doodle, it reminded me of a skeleton with the shoulder joints, ribs, and hip joints.  I decided that I wanted to link two skeletal figures by one heart.  Drawing a red heart shape with a line between them was too direct.  I wanted this to remain abstract. I was also reminded of the skeletal remains of a couple   who had been buried together.  After 5000 years, their bodies had remained in a loving embrace. I titled this Anniversary I: One, I drew this illustration on my Wedding Anniversary. Two, the central shapes reminded me of skeletal figures. and Three, the two figures are linked by one heart. I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend. Joining Sophia's Sunday Sketches.

Pine Cone shadows

Another photo from our hike last weekend. A pine cone embraced by the grass and sporting triangular shadows.  More shadows at HeyHarriet's blog .