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camera flap message on my Father's land poloroid Lately I've been getting rid of all the excess sites and emails that I have. I got rid of my kaboodle, pinterest and twitter accounts. I don't need to know what's on sale at World Market or other commercial sites where I shop, so I unsubscribed to their emails. Now is a time for me to be quiet and reflect.

Untitled Post

pine sap beads My husband and I have continued our Sunday hikes in the foothills. These long walks and foothill treks give my spirit time to withdraw, repair and gain energy and focus. I had different words that came to mind as a title for this post: haze, dormant, molting, tea leaves, focus. All of them yet none of them seemed to fit. Untitled seems to be where I am at the moment. I even have a file, titled "untitled plan," where I put ideas for plans in the future. So I've started the year embracing this untitledness. acorn and pine tree