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Fake Journal, last entry

fake journal page 5 Haemon's letter to Antigone Antigone's letter to Haemon For more information on this project, please visit the IFJM website .

port townsend, wa

hopping on the penny-farthing Last month we went to Port Townsend and walked around for several hours. From the ferry, we walked along the shore, until we reached the State Park. We happened upon this couple who's hobby is preserving history. They both wear the clothes of that period and the husband restores the old, penny-farthing bikes. We made our way back into town and I caught site of this retro ice cream shop with it's own bubble gum dispenser. retro ice cream shop, bubble gum dispenser Tired from all the walking, we decided to catch a movie at the town's old theatre. I loved the painted movie curtain. It reminded me of how my sister and I liked to call our Mom, The Rose. The Rose Theatre Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Joining Cheryl's writing on the wall .

fake journal, page four

fake journal, page 4 Antigone to Haemon Haemon's response to Antigone Journal : 8.25 x 5.5 notebook with kraft paper pages and blue ballpoint pen Letters to Antigone : Nepal handmade paper, micron pen, crumpled then coffee stained

cocoon, a beginning, 1/52

japanese paper lamp 1/52 Photos {begin at the beginning} My journey began about two months ago. This temporary island home has been my cocoon. Surrounded by water and tranquility, I have begun to make sense of everything. The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. -Amelia Earhart What are you beginning now? Join the 52 photos project here

fake journal, page three

letters to Antigone page one Journal : 8.25 x 5.5 notebook with kraft paper pages and blue ballpoint pen Letters to Antigone : Nepal handmade paper,  micron pen, crumpled then coffee stained

butterfly, koi, pond

butterfly or moth, Koi, pond On Sunday, we took the ferry and crossed over to Seattle to visit the space needle. From there we visited the tropical butterfly house at the Pacific Science Center . The wings are such a beautiful, iridescent blue. I am not sure if this is a butterfly or a moth:) Time just slows down when I watch these flutter by. joining SNAP IT for the "water" prompt.

if my art could talk

The Process, 5 x 5 mixed media collage Seth Apter recently published a book of 100 artists titled, "The Pulse of Mixed Media, secrets and passions of 100 artists." Artists could submit written answers or art works in response to prompts for the book. I submited a written answer which is included in the book! He does an amazing job of inspiring and bringing together a community of creative minds and continues to do so on his blog. Currently, Seth has an online open call to compliment the book on his blog . I chose the question: The Artistic Ingredient: If your artwork could talk, what would it say? Above is the 5 x 5 art work titled, The Process. I'll be sending this out to Seth tomorrow. This art piece has layers of various monoprints as the background . Using a sakura micron pen, I drew a portrait and traced the shapes I saw in the monoprints. I used pencil to draw the graph and the oval shape. The found sentences from a vintage math book describe ho

glacial erratic, whidbey island

glacial erratic, whidbey island On one of our recent hikes, we suddenly came across this huge boulder which was the size of a house. It definitely was out of place as there were only trees around. I joked about how extraterrestrials must have dropped it off there in the middle of nowhere amongst all the trees. Then we came across a sign to explain it all.   Glacial ice melts ... so that explains it. Hop on over to cheryl's blog for more Writing on the Wall .

welcome the whales on whidbey island

This Saturday,  April 21, Langley will have presentations, festivities and a parade to welcome the gray whales. Orca Network has more info on their site about the event. Never in my life would I have thought I'd have the chance to vacation where I'd see whales passing by. They are amazing and leave me spellbound every time I see one. I haven't been able to get a good photo yet.  I'm usually full of excitement and reaching for the binoculars.  So the lovely photos below are courtesy of  paulknepper on flickr. courtesy of  paulknepper  on flickr courtesy of  paulknepper on flickr

fake journal, entry two, submarine, Code of Hammurabi

right page of fake journal entry two left page of fake journal,  entry two

Fake Journal, raincoat, letters to antigone

fake journal 2012 I love blog hopping which is how I found Roz's IFJM blog.  For the month of April, participants keep a fake journal that is outside of their regular visual journal . My mind started leaping with ideas. In the next few weeks, you'll see posts titled "Fake Journal" on my blog. I dug up this old journal that I had refused to throw away 'cuz I knew some day it would have a purpose. For the cover, I collaged one of my failed paintings and wrote a short message. I've been carting it around with me since 2008, from Japan to Mexico to California and now Washington. fake journal page one Journal : 8.25 x 5.5 notebook with kraft paper pages and blue ballpoint pen Letters to Antigone Cover : 4 x 6 140# watercolor paper, line drawing with black micron pen, monoprint tissue paper collaged onto drawing with pieces ripped off.

Whidbey Island favorites

Being from California, when I think of beaches, sand and sunscreen come to mind, so staying in a vacation beach house never appealed to me. Serendipity brought us to Whidbey Island where all I want to do is look out my window at the ocean.  And when I'm not doing that, I want to be hiking.  It's absolutely beautiful here with all the tall pines and green grass surrounded by water. And so much wildlife! Here are some of my Favorite wildlife shots for Snap It Sitting in the sun room watching the sunrise and an eagle lands on the tree above our window. just above outside our window Walking along the beaches, we've seen seals.  With the seals, we immediately give them our distance.    This seal pup was on the beach in our neighborhood and blended in so well with the landscape.  I managed to catch this shot as we were walking away to keep the recommended distance. seal pup The seal below was on a rock out in the ocean while we were out at the off leash dog

seattle graffiti

On Thursday, I caught the 6:30 a.m. ferry and then the 7 a.m. sounder train to get from Whidbey Island to Seattle.  I spent the whole day there exploring Pike Place Market, Seattle Art Museum, and the Wing Luke Museum.  Even though my hip joints are still aching from the six hours hours of walking that I did while carrying a heavy backpack, I'm looking forward to my next trip to the city. backside of a taxi stand signboard Just outside the Seattle Art Museum is a taxi stand.  The back of the taxi stand's signboard seems to be a work in progress.  I like how the words "Hello," "BE" and "Dream" are part of this and wonder which marking started this graffiti work.

hiking in the rain

green leaves in the rain Today we went hiking at Meerkerk Rhododendron Gardens here on Whidbey Island. It was pouring rain, so we had the acres of garden and forest all to ourselves! The rain made calming sounds and all the plants were glistening and dewy. Green for Snap it .

monoprints and sketchbook sunday

On Thursday I took an all day workshop with Patty Pico at Northwest Art School in monoprinting. For her particular method no printing press is necessary! And clean up is with simple soap and water. I worked nonstop all day with only a break for lunch. Time flew by and only then did I realize how tired I had become. I had so much fun and learned some wonderful techniques with new materials. If you're near Whidbey Island, she's giving another workshop in November.    Below are some photos from the day. setting up monoprints on tissue paper Above are some of the monoprints I did on tissue paper.   I can use these in my collage works. Although a printing press was not necessary, I got to do a monoprint on a press.  What an incredible machine! double rainbow and raindrops It was pouring rain all day, but when I got home from the workshop (after an hour's drive), the rain was slowing. Above is the double rainbow that I could see from our rental ho