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Whidbey Island favorites

Being from California, when I think of beaches, sand and sunscreen come to mind, so staying in a vacation beach house never appealed to me.

Serendipity brought us to Whidbey Island where all I want to do is look out my window at the ocean.  And when I'm not doing that, I want to be hiking.  It's absolutely beautiful here with all the tall pines and green grass surrounded by water.

And so much wildlife!
Here are some of my Favorite wildlife shots for Snap It

Sitting in the sun room watching the sunrise and an eagle lands on the tree above our window.

just above outside our window

Walking along the beaches, we've seen seals.  With the seals, we immediately give them our distance.    This seal pup was on the beach in our neighborhood and blended in so well with the landscape.  I managed to catch this shot as we were walking away to keep the recommended distance.

seal pup
seal pup

The seal below was on a rock out in the ocean while we were out at the off leash dog beach at Double Bluff.  
seal Double Bluff Beach
seal on rock
And while we were sitting watching this second seal, an eagle landed just beyond to eat it freshly caught prey.   We could hear the sounds as it tore into what sounded like crab.  It finally flew off when it noticed people approaching.

eagle in flight
eagle at double bluff beach

Now I want a DSL and a better zoom lens:)


What a great series of shots, love the seals.
Wow! What a stunning place to be able to visit, a real treasure trove of nature at it's best! It's so great that you've got the pictures to remember an incredible opportunity.
Cheryl said…
I think a visit to your neck of the woods is in order. I'm envious of your photo opportunities.
Gallery Juana said…
thanks for the visits everyone.
Cheryl, definintely visit when you can.
Gallery Juana said…
thanks for the visits everyone.
Cheryl, definintely visit when you can.
Gallery Juana said…
thanks for the visits everyone.
Cheryl, definintely visit when you can.
Gallery Juana said…
thanks for the visits everyone.
Cheryl, definintely visit when you can.
Tracy said…
Seals and eagles... such magnificent creatures...and right there where you live,'s all there. :o) You know, I find the sea, the beach the best medicine for everything--anything the ails, or needs a life. And the sea/beach is especially soothing for healing sore hearts and grieving minds. Be keeping well... Happy Weekend, my friend ((HUGS))
ZenDotStudio said…
hey you are just a little south of me! hope you caught some of the nice weather as mostly our Spring has been cool. Yes lots of great spots to walk. Nice pics!

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