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Ron Miranda and demosthenesclub

"This is your chance to get up on your soapbox and tell the World I think this. You don’t have to shout or scream or wave your hands about, just make art and let the work tell your story." Last week I was introduced to Ron's entertaining and insightful Demosthenes club blog when he wrote me about doing a write-up on my art. Ron is a multi-talented artist in photography, writing and mixed media art. Back in March, he wrote about attitude and how self-confidence and self-awareness are equally important in our art. "You just have to get out of the cave and take your art with you. You don’t want to be like the Cro-Magnon kids, you paint wonderful images on cave walls and then have to wait two hundred and eighty-seven thousand years for someone to find it?" Sometimes it's too easy to caste aside and eventually forget our creative, expressive self and replace that with the art we know will sell. He talks about the balance between what we want to do a

art and movement, 4/52

self-portrait Years ago when I was studying Sumi-e ink painting in Japan, I learned that I'm not painting only with my hand but with my whole body. Energy is transferred from my mind and my body onto the paper I like this photo for two reasons: It translates my physical and mental movement and my attempt to disengage from the outside world when I'm doing my art. joining 52 photos project


sounder train, mukilteo to seattle Change is never easy. Sometimes staying the course will do you more harm than leaving. By taking that exit, you no longer deny who you are. Who knows if this world's crimes are virtues there? Antigone joining writing on the wall

the meeting place, 3/52

stairs blocked by driftwood leading from the beach Walks and Hikes are our meeting place. Last month, we drove to the opposite side of the island to Deception Pass State Park. We started our hike in the woods and veered off to the shore. We were supposed to meet up with another trail that would connect us from the beach back into the woods. After hiking on the beach for a couple of hours, we found these stairs. We thought the stairs must be the start of the trail back into the woods. The trails in Washington are maintained meticulously, so we were surprised how the thorny berry vines were growing wild and blocking our passage. After the first flight of stairs, my husband had me wait while he went ahead to confirm if we were on a trail. It became obvious we were not on a Park trail. We decided we were interested in the adventure of seeing where it would lead. We crawled, pulled, stomped our way through the berry vines. Amongst the vines, there was a clearing with a

deception pass pole

sticker on street sign When we were walking the bridge at deception pass, I ran across this sticker on a road sign. I liked it as it seemed to be saying "Be aware and Question what you see."

sunshine, 2 /52 photos project, perception

2/52, sunshine Perception - the ability to become aware of something through the senses - the state of that awareness - a way of interpreting something. I know that my perception and my ability to perceive shape, possibly hinder, my experience and that my memory does not always match my actual experience. So I've spent the last two months trying to shed light on my perceptions, so that I could divide my experience from my memory. The day was slightly grey with just enough sunlight for the water to divide the pier and it's reflections. Joining the 52 Photos Project