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July self-portrait

my art table faces the mirror and window This past week I added two drawer sets, a bulletin board and a desk to my art studio. A big thank you to my husband for carrying just about everything up to the second floor for me! I already had an art table and chair, so now I think I have everything that's necessary. It feels that way and I got a good amount of work done this week. Joining urban muser for in the picture.

white on white, rock, barnacles and sketch

small sketch of barnacles According to Sea Grant Rhode Island , barnacles have been found on fossils more than 150 million years old. And the "cement" that barnacles use to attach themselves to surfaces is stronger than expoxy cement. Head on over to 52 photos for more white on white.

July Pear aceo collage

Two and a half weeks have passed since I moved into this new apartment, and I'm slowly getting back on a schedule. This past week I completed 3 pear aceo and took pictures of the collage process. separating the monoprint For this series of three aceos of July pears, I used various monoprinted papers, pen and watercolor. Above I am separating the paper as I wanted a thinner piece of paper. When I had my Chigiri-e class in Japan, we would do this with the washi to get varying colors or a more translucent paper. step two with paper seperated The foreground shows the monoprint paper in two pieces after it has been separated. The upper left shows the completed july pear I. In the upper right, the beginning wip of july pear II with the first layer of monoprint tissue paper. july pear II, wip Above is the pear that I tore from the monoprint paper. Once the glue has dried, I then draw around the pear with a sakura micron pen and add more layers of paint and p

Sunday Sketches, wip cat

wip collage After being a vagabond for 6 weeks, I finally moved into my new apartment on Whidbey Island, Washington on July 5th. It feels good to have my own place again to think and create. I've still got much to organize, but I have all the important items like an art table and chair and my most used art supplies. The wip collage above is based on a chubby kitty pen sketch I did in 2009. I used ball point pen in the original sketch. For the wip collage, I used Sakura Micron pens to draw the black cat and then added watercolors to the cat and background. I used monoprinted tissue paper and Japanese book pages for the collage. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. more sunday sketches here .