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my favorite places

hurray for a cleaned art table I spend most of my day in my art studio. My art table and work area had been a Tasmanian Devil's mess, and I had been trying to get motivated to clean and organize everything. Thanks for everyone's tips on what you do to get motivated. Some of you said it's unavoidable when working on a project and I totally agree. I realized that I'd gone through several projects without cleaning up. With the latest project finished, I got to cleaning! self-timer I really love living on this island. Hiking through the forests and walking along the rocky shores give me the much needed break and time to clear my mind. Yesterday we tried out a new trail. Somehow we got on to a trail that was not part of the park's trail system. We realized we were lost when the trail ended at a private dirt road. By this time the sun had set and we figured it'd be safer to stay on roads then try to backtrack down the long "not a trail"

maneki-neko 招き猫

memories of Japan When I lived in Sapporo, I lived down the street from a coffee/antique shop. Among the cool asian antiques, I found these cute pitchers that are about 2 centimeters tall (under an inch). The blue and white sake ceramics I got a decade later from a second hand store in Sendai. The maneki-neko 招き猫 is another souvenir from Japan. They all sit on the top shelf of my desk. joining 52 photos project for on the table.

reading in the morning light

Reading is a welcomed treat when the sun is rising and warming my studio. I finished The Odyssey by Homer yesterday for the cousera course I"m taking. joining 52 photos, golden

time beats on

"When I stand before thee at the day's end, thou shalt see my scars and know that I had my wounds and also my healing." - Rabindranath Tagore joining 52 photos

hours series

hours III, detail I'm still working on my Hours series that I spoke about in this post . I finished Hours III this past week and there are five others that are works in progress. My art table is a giant mess right now. I usually straighten up after each project. This project is months long, so I need to reorganize and tidy up sooner than later, but have no motivation to do it. How do you encourage yourself to keep a tidy working area while you're deep into a project?  joining sunday sketches

cheetos and dr. pepper

caterpillar on hiking trail I came across this little guy on the way out for our hike. I nicknamed him "cheetopillar." In my younger days, I'd often grab a bag of cheetos and a Dr. Pepper for long road trips. I remember one road trip from Mexico to Central California. Husband and I had flown from central Mexico to Tijuana, crossed on foot and then rented a truck to move some things from So Cal to Central Cal. As his driver's license had expired, I had to do all the driving which included driving at night through fog. The superbowl was on that day and my husband was listening to the game on the radio. It was a really close game and we'd put off getting gas. With 15 minutes left to go, we pulled into a gas station. I offered to fill the truck up, but being the gentleman my husband is, he pays and fills the truck up with gas. Game is now airing commercials, so he's going to get us some snacks. He went in to get my crunchy cheetos and Dr. Pep