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choochokam arts, music festival 2013

music and art at choochokam arts festival Every July the choochokam arts festival comes to Whidbey Island for the weekend and features arts, crafts, music and food. This year I actually got out and joined everyone in the street dancing. Although I was probably more conservative with my "letting go," it was still quite freeing and surreal. I loved the music by Will West & the friendly strangers and bought both available cds (sunshine and take this moment). street dancing I normally wear sneakers as I walk or ride my bike mostly, but I thought I'd wear sandals that evening. Luckily, I caught a ride after walking a few blocks with the local golf cart commuter, and he took me all the way into town. Hours later, my husband and I walked home from the festival completely revived from the music and festivities. joining 52 photos for this is what I found