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first surly lht bike tour

night bugs against an evening sky Recently we took our first overnight bike tour which went pretty well. For the time being we are making do with the camping equipment we already have, so items are heavier than we'd like. A plus side: although the tent is huge, which adds to the weight, it is roomy and comfy. surly lht, just arrived Most of the State parks have bicycle/hiker campgrounds and are usually off one of the hiking trails. It didn't take us long to reach the park. After one hour and a half ride, we reached the park. There was some highway riding which was very unnerving. sweet peas flower stand On the way back, we took a different route making most of the way on side streets with less traffic and most with a bike lane. Along the way, we passed forests, farm lands, wild berry vines and flower stands. joining light and dark at 52 photos Just a quick note: my art blog has moved to .

surly touring bikes and childhood games

surly long haul trucker touring bike For a couple of years now, we've been dreaming of touring on a bike and we finally took the leap and purchased our first touring bikes: surly long haul truckers in smoggy pearl with bamboo fenders. They go back to the bike shop today to have the front and back racks put on. I wanted to take a few rides in the meantime so we brought them home before the racks were in. The bike rides beautifully. There is always a rush of freedom and adventure that I feel when I am on a bicycle. day one, surly long haul trucker My first long bike trip was in sixth grade. The class had a bike trip planned from the school to the Nursing home where we sang and visited with the seniors that lived there. The nursing home was less than a mile from the school, but I didn't live near either location. I really wanted to ride my bike with everyone and ride to school. That meant riding the 8 miles from my house to the school. As I'd never