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at the water's edge

marina by gallery juana
marina in miniature mode

My canon G9 stopped working on New Year's day 2014, and I was ready finally to get a new digital camera and got it just yesterday.

I settled on a canon sx-50 hs which has a nice zoom lens.  Maybe now I can get better shots of all the bird life on this island! It also has some fun settings like fish-eye, miniature, soft light, and toy camera. Oh what fun I'm going to have learning what this camera can do!

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Wishing you a lot of fun with your new camera! it looks like a chilly day out there at the marina!
Eeyore said…
That focus mode does make it look like a macro of a model dock.
Unknown said…
Very nice photo.
Tom said…
The boats look so peaceful. Tom The Backroads Traveller
betty-NZ said…
Great shot! Your camera has some interesting possibilities!
Bella Cirovic said…
Juana! So nice to have you back. This is an amazing shot. Enjoy your new camera and thank you for sharing to {at the water's edge}!

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