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wish come true

I remember two wishes I had as a six year old: longer hair and a sun dress. Both of those came true. The longer hair was just a matter of time. My mother made me a sun dress which I loved and can remember quite vividly.

Some current wishes I have: to own a house and have some cats and dogs. Like my first wish of longer hair, it is just a matter of time until these wishes come true.

One wish that came true recently was to have a place with a great view and plenty of light where I could do my art. The rental house I am in now has two stories with large windows on both floors that face the woods. My art space is upstairs and I spend the mornings reading and watching the trees and all the life that inhabits them.

Afternoons are for art when the light hits perfectly on my art tables. And no matter what the season is, the view is entrancing. So while I wait for that someday to come when I own a house and have some pets, I am grateful for what I can enjoy now.

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end of the season

The weather has been perfect for bicycle riding, and we got one more bike tour in last week. The ride to the state park was comfortable. With Autumn coming on, the humidity is almost nil and the mornings and nights are colder. We usually stay in the hiker/biker campground where cars are not allowed, but campfires weren't allowed there. Knowing the night would be cold without a campfire, we stayed in the regular campgrounds and enjoyed a bbq and campfire.

Saturdays we sometimes ride to the outdoor market in the next town. The outdoor markets will be ending soon. I'll miss buying those garden vegetables and fruits picked at their perfect ripeness. But I am sure, I'll find many things to like about riding in the Fall weather!

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old cars and dog walker

It's a dog-friendly town and you can find dog dishes filled with water and dog bones inside and outside of stores or along neighborhood streets.

On this particular day last Tuesday, there was a group of old cars that settled for the afternoon. Most of the town's buildings were built in the early 1900's, so the cars married well with the buildings. I enjoyed being taken back in history.

Most of the cars were from the years 1912 to 1915. There was even one that was steam-powered. Some of the drivers and their passengers were dressed in the time period as well. There were a total of 100 cars from that era in town!

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summer window reflections

I love sitting outside. It doesn't matter if it's sunny or raining. It just feels good to breathe the fresh air. I took this photo outside a pub where my husband and I were enjoying a beer.

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