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looking down

autumn 2014 squirrel
grey tree squirrel

This Japanese Stewartia tree is  just beyond my window.
I often look down to see what birds are at the bird feeder or what the tree squirrels are up to.
It's that time of year when the tree squirrels climb the tree and forage the nuts.

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Beautiful image ~ filled with wonder and honor for the season ... and our wild friends!
Always a happy surprise, when I hear from you..You are such a dear blogging friend..I know I am lousy lately, but trying to get on with my life..
Hope you enjoyed your holiday..all my girls/husbands/grandchildren were here..quite a crowd..20 of us..Much to be thankful for..
Sending you love and many blessings..xoxoCarolyn/Rosebud
Bella Cirovic said…
I think I'm in love with this photo! So crisp! Thank you for adding to {Look Down}.
Sending you Christmas wishes..
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year..
May you be blessed with every gift God can give..May our New Year be the best..

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visiting the Victorian Radicals exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum

Last Friday, we took a day trip to Seattle.  The main focus of the trip for me was to tour the Victorian Radicals exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum.

As usual, we got to Seattle on public transportation: bus, ferry, and train

We started off the day with a cup of coffee at a cafe on the 40th floor.

From there, I headed over to the Seattle Art Museum for the Victorian Radicals exhibition. I really enjoyed this show.   I took photos of some of my favorites:

Rossetti produced three variations on this composition. The one above, the Birmingham version, was begun the year before he died and thus left incomplete.

Musica by Kate Elizabeth Bunce ca. 1895-97, oil on canvas

quoted from the exhibition card: “Kate Elizabeth Bunce was an English painter and poet associated with the Arts and Crafts movement in Birmingham. “

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Our second bicycle-camping trip of the season was to our favorite Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island.

Along with the beautiful landscape and ocean views, we had the added pleasure of watching the paragliding.

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In the beginning, staying one night was my idea, but riding nearly 37 miles to sleep in a tent and then riding home the very next morning didn't seem fun, so I booked two nights. Fort Ebey State Park on Whidbey Island is a beautiful park with loads of hiking trails and beautiful ocean vistas.

There is a hiker/bicycle campground with a communal campfire and outhouse, but I wanted a private campfire a real bathroom with a shower, so I booked site 49 in the car camping area. The next day, just beyond where I camped, I discovered some walk-in campsites with their own campfire pits that look good for a future bicycle tour.  (skip the route part unless y…