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Tulips on my work table On my daily walks into town, I've been noticing the green stalks peaking out of the soil in gardens I pass along the way. The crocuses are already blooming in the garden at the post office. Some days feel warmer than others hinting that Spring is on her way. I decided to bring in some of that fresh feeling and bought these white tulips. What amazes me is the impact this simple addition of flowers has had on my morning! Why do flowers on my desk make my heart lighter? Perhaps it's the reminder that Spring is coming? It's always this time of year that I start buying cut flowers. Tulips are first, then lilacs and then daffodils. The hummingbirds are already coming to my mini-garden outside, so I will be getting some potted flowers too. What's warming your heart this week? joining warm heart wednesday view my art blog here .