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stepping outside

black and white cat I am still waiting for the day I can adopt some cats and dogs (or they adopt me). In the meantime, I enjoy visiting with the cats and dogs I meet in my day. The neighborhood cat above likes sunning himself on high places. waterman eratic rock Last week I rode my bicycle to my favorite local, forest park and went for a long hike. Deep in the forest sits this erratic rock. I love this huge boulder named Waterman Rock. It's called an erratic rock because it made its way here by glacial movement, many miles from its origin, where it broke off. It's about the height of a two story house. I remember the first time I came upon it and how magical the entire scene felt. Getting outdoors warms my heart every time! joining warm heart wednesday. view my art blog here .


morning Daffodils The sun comes over the trees and streams in through my window. The sunlight and these daffodils on my desk warmed my heart. And today is another sunny day, so I'm hoping to get out for a bike ride and hike. joining Warm Heart Wednesday view my art blog here .

first walk in March

sun breaking over pastures I walk to the store most days. If I have a lot to bring home, I take my bicycle or my husband comes with me. Tuesday we decided to go for a long walk and do the grocery shopping. It had been raining in the morning and the clouds were just breaking. As we walked, I realized that Spring was in full spring with some trees in full bloom. little free library Just before arriving at the store, we passed a little free library stand. Have you seen one of these in your neighborhood? marina On the last stretch of our walk home, we passed the marina. I believe this crane is here to help with some repairs of the dock. The long walk warmed my heart and was a great start to the month of March. joining warm heart wednesday view my art blog here .