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October bicycle trip

view from motel balcony while standing At the end of October, we took an overnight bicycle trip.  Originally, we were going to camp but changed our minds in the morning and booked a motel room in Port Townsend.  The motel is old but has an ocean view.  The funny thing is that you can only see the view from the balcony if you stand.  If you sit in the provided chairs, the thick hand rail blocks your view completely.  No matter the oddities, we had a good trip, good food, good views and good fun! Eagle high up in a tree, seen while riding Both days had beautiful sunny, Autumn weather.  We took the 30 mile scenic route on our way to the motel.  On the way back, we stayed on the highway for the shorter 25 miles as we were worried we'd get caught in the dark.  Luckily, there wasn't much traffic.  I think everyone was home watching the Seattle Seahawks play. Don't you just love Autumn!  I had to stop and catch a photo of me with all the maple trees and fallen le