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Finches and Quail

Female and Male Quail About a couple of weeks ago, I noticed Quail were coming to my patio.  They make the quirkiest bird call which makes me smile. finch finches The parent birds continue to come by with their fledglings.   I think the fledgling above is a House Finch sitting between the two American Finches.  It's fun to see the birds mixing amongst each other. My sweet peas and fuchsia look like they might have some flower buds.  Keeping my fingers crossed. view my art blog here .

Spring and new beginnings

rhododendrons Just outside my window where I like to sit and watch the birds is a  rhododendron.  It's been in bloom since early May and still has some flowers on it. male house finch and fledglings A while back the birds were busy building their nests.  They would come by the feeders with twigs or straw in there beaks.  And now they are visiting with their offspring.   It's just amazing to see! view my art blog here .