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Whidbey Island, Prat Loop, Ebey's Landing State Park

At the end of September we took an overnight bicycle trip and stayed at the circa 1907 Captain Whidbey Inn. This was our second time this year to stay there. Both times we have stayed in the main log building. It is old and creaky which is part of its charm. The rooms in the main log building do not have a T.V. and I love that feeling of getting away from it all . Captain Whidbey Inn Captain Whidbey Inn view from our room From the Inn, there are lots of local places accessible by bicycle. For this latest trip, we rode our bicycles from the Inn to the Pratt Loop which begins off of the Kettles Trail. I've taken the Kettles Trail in the past when riding to   Fort Ebey State Park . The National Park Service has a detailed map of the Kettles trail system and other trails that connect to it here: Kettle Spur trail Kettle Spur trail Pratt Loop Pratt Loop Trail at