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Apr 27, 2016

Cats and Dogs

Luna, cafe dog

At the beginning of April I took a long bike ride - 38 miles- before the Spring rains returned. I'm hoping to get another ride in this week. I stopped at a cafe and met Luna. Her owner was inside and she kept me company at the outdoor table where I was sitting. She didn't quite know what to think of having her photo taken.

On my walk to the market, I meet these outdoor cats everyday. They have been spayed and released to where they were found and have been living in place for a few years now. The man in the red jacket comes by every morning to feed them and another woman in the afternoon to check their bedding/cat houses and health. The cats know everyone's schedules and will often see me before I even see them.

Since I can't have any pets due to my rental lease, it warms my heart to be able to have these daily visits with these community cats and the dogs I meet along the way. And because of these cats, I've made some new human friends.

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Apr 6, 2016

backyard bird watching

Robin on a fense

It's whale migration season here, so I'm going out most days with my camera. Of course, the one day I forgot to bring it, there were Orcas passing through! What an amazing sight that was and I got to put it in my art journal instead of a photo.

On a different day, while I was sitting and watching for whales, this Robin sat on the fence in front of me for the longest time.

Black-capped Chicadee

On my art blog, I talked about how a bird started building a nest in my bicycle basket. I spent the spring of 2014 learning and trying to spot all the birds that live in my neighborhood.

Lately, I have come to realize that it's my way of remembering my Mom. When I was living at home taking care of her, she loved to watch the birds every morning while she ate breakfast. That is why it warms my heart to backyard bird watch.

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Mar 25, 2016

stepping outside

black and white cat

I am still waiting for the day I can adopt some cats and dogs (or they adopt me). In the meantime, I enjoy visiting with the cats and dogs I meet in my day. The neighborhood cat above likes sunning himself on high places.

waterman eratic rock

Last week I rode my bicycle to my favorite local, forest park and went for a long hike. Deep in the forest sits this erratic rock. I love this huge boulder named Waterman Rock. It's called an erratic rock because it made its way here by glacial movement, many miles from its origin, where it broke off.

It's about the height of a two story house. I remember the first time I came upon it and how magical the entire scene felt. Getting outdoors warms my heart every time!

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Mar 17, 2016


morning Daffodils

The sun comes over the trees and streams in through my window. The sunlight and these daffodils on my desk warmed my heart. And today is another sunny day, so I'm hoping to get out for a bike ride and hike.

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Mar 4, 2016

first walk in March

sun breaking over pastures

I walk to the store most days. If I have a lot to bring home, I take my bicycle or my husband comes with me. Tuesday we decided to go for a long walk and do the grocery shopping. It had been raining in the morning and the clouds were just breaking. As we walked, I realized that Spring was in full spring with some trees in full bloom.

little free library

Just before arriving at the store, we passed a little free library stand. Have you seen one of these in your neighborhood?


On the last stretch of our walk home, we passed the marina. I believe this crane is here to help with some repairs of the dock.

The long walk warmed my heart and was a great start to the month of March.
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Feb 19, 2016


Tulips on my work table

On my daily walks into town, I've been noticing the green stalks peaking out of the soil in gardens I pass along the way. The crocuses are already blooming in the garden at the post office. Some days feel warmer than others hinting that Spring is on her way.

I decided to bring in some of that fresh feeling and bought these white tulips. What amazes me is the impact this simple addition of flowers has had on my morning! Why do flowers on my desk make my heart lighter?

Perhaps it's the reminder that Spring is coming? It's always this time of year that I start buying cut flowers. Tulips are first, then lilacs and then daffodils. The hummingbirds are already coming to my mini-garden outside, so I will be getting some potted flowers too.

What's warming your heart this week?

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Dec 31, 2015

Thank you 2015

It's been an incredible year! There have been some rough times, but the brilliant moments have kept me going and continue to shine brightly.  Here's a look at some of those bright moments:

woodland critters visited

june 2015, coyote

hummingbird in the garden, June 2015

fawn, july 2015

two bucks, august 2015

took some bicycle adventures

solo return on bike overnighter, may 2015

visited with the community kitties

There are three stray cats that the community takes care of throughout the year.  They have been spayed, get meals delivered daily, and just about whatever they need.  They seek shelter in the nearby homes during winter.  I've been walking this route for two years now and the cats always greet me.  

Tabby cat

grey whales

grey whale feeding near shoreline, april 2015

watched a neighbor's fireworks

July 4, 2015

summer eclipse, sunsets and sunrises

eclipse, september 2015

sunset, december 30, 2015

sunrise, december 31, 2015

We haven't gotten any snow yet, but the mornings have been frosty.  
I look back at the year with gratitude and I am looking forward to the New Year.
Wishing everyone all the best in 2016.

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Dec 13, 2015

anniversary day trip two

view from pike place market

After arriving early a.m. in Seattle, we got some coffee to go in pike's market place and sat in a public patio overlooking the waterfront.  We watched the ferries and cargo ships come and go.

arriving at Bainbridge

Just before we got off the ferry at Bainbridge, it started to rain.  We had raincoats, but those would not be enough for this downpour.

It poured rain the entire day. That didn't stop us from exploring the town for a few hours.

subi japanese restaurant in Bainbridge

As we were soaked from head to toe, we didn't go into many shops or galleries. We did visit the bicycle shop and had lunch at  SuBi Japanese restaurant. We hope to return again to explore the island on bicycles.

arriving at Seattle by Bainbridge Ferry

arriving at Seattle by Bainbridge Ferry

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joining our beautiful world
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