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wordless wednesday, project smile

Wordless Wednesday Sputnik on her window sill Project Smile my sister's new shoes My sister brightened my day when I saw her latest addition to her shoe collection. These would make going anywhere fun. May has given us lots of rain and beautiful, Spring days. My husband's garden has given us plenty of salad greens to eat. I also enjoyed shopping for essential oil, Indian food and fabrics . The lemon tree sits several feet away from Sputnik's favorite window perch.  A dove built her nest in the tree some time ago.  I'm not sure if the dove's eggs have hatched yet, but I love how she coos in the evening. Favorite quote: "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." Eleanor Roosevelt Where to join? Project Smile on Kristi's blog . And Wordless Wednesday on Sarah's blog .

Houses, sunday sketches

pen on paper My second sketch for the sketchbook project 2012. We all have reasons for keeping things and my Mother has kept these 4-inch houses on the windowsill for years. I used black pen and colored pens. There are actually only 3 houses, so I used gimp to stitch my line drawing, the colored drawing and and inverted drawing altogether. I hope everyone is having a good weekend. And thank you to Sophia for her Sunday Sketches blog hop.

Baby Tomato, wordless wednesday

I can taste the salsa that's coming!  Participate on Sarah's blog .

Vintage Storage Containers, sunday sketches

I'm doing the next Sketchbook project which will tour in 2012 and chose the theme "Encyclopaedia of".   I'll be filling the pages with the memorable and odd collections that I and my family have. My Mother has this set of pink, boxy storage containers. All of them but the flour container are used for their purpose. The flour one actually holds more tea. The maker's name is no where to be seen.  And when I asked Mom where she bought them, she said "ya no me acuerdo." She does remember that she bought them just after she married my Dad, so these storage containers are around 50 years old. Wising everyone a good week. Sophia hosts this Sunday Sketch blog hop .

orange bud and shadows

Even though the fruit trees and vegetable garden have been in the back yard since I was a child, I never really took notice of them.  Being back home after being away for so long and without a garden, I find I'm noticing the life cycle of plants. flower stem and orange The orange blossoms have all fallen off and the small oranges are green and promising.    Ok ... now I get it!  Those little flowers become the fruit and vegetables. More shadows at HeyHarriet's blog .

Shadows and Five Senses Friday

Patchouli Essential Oil Perfume A bit of colorful and dark shadows today. Smell: I recently bought a dark patchouli essential oil perfume which has a rich, spicy and earthy scent. Patchouli is supposed to lift the mood and reduce mental fatigue. That's why I originally got interested in this scent, but now I'm just addicted to how it smells. Hearing: Taking a nap today with my window open, I was lulled to sleep by the birds singing. Sight: Out in my husband's garden picking lettuce, arugula and spinach. Some volunteer plants have sprouted as well: a tomato plant and some kind of melon plant. Touch: I found a shop that imports fabrics from India and bought 3 different fabrics to sew some clothes. Being a complete beginner, I found some simple, no pattern tutorials online for a dress and skirt. Can't wait to try them out. Taste: Next to the fabric shop was an Indian Food Market. I bought some Paneer cheese for tonight's curry dinner. Wishing

Sunny Cat, Wordless Wednesday

Sputnik, getting her morning sun For more wordless wednesday links, join Sarah's blog here .

Silhouettes - Sunday Sketches

Follow my blog with bloglovin Exploring drawing patterns free-hand in this latest series of Silhouettes. I hope everyone had a good week and weekend. I look forward to seeing your Sunday Sketches. Thank you to Sofia for hosting this Sunday Sketch blog hop.