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Thank you 2015

It's been an incredible year! There have been some rough times, but the brilliant moments have kept me going and continue to shine brightly.  Here's a look at some of those bright moments: woodland critters visited june 2015, coyote hummingbird in the garden, June 2015 fawn, july 2015 two bucks, august 2015 took some bicycle adventures solo return on bike overnighter, may 2015 visited with the community kitties There are three stray cats that the community takes care of throughout the year.  They have been spayed, get meals delivered daily, and just about whatever they need.  They seek shelter in the nearby homes during winter.  I've been walking this route for two years now and the cats always greet me.   Tabby cat grey whales grey whale feeding near shoreline, april 2015 watched a neighbor's fireworks July 4, 2015 summer eclipse, sunsets and sunrises eclipse, september 2015 s

anniversary day trip two

view from pike place market After arriving early a.m. in Seattle, we got some coffee to go in pike's market place and sat in a public patio overlooking the waterfront.  We watched the ferries and cargo ships come and go. arriving at Bainbridge Just before we got off the ferry at Bainbridge, it started to rain.  We had raincoats, but those would not be enough for this downpour. It poured rain the entire day. That didn't stop us from exploring the town for a few hours. subi japanese restaurant in Bainbridge As we were soaked from head to toe, we didn't go into many shops or galleries. We did visit the bicycle shop and had lunch at  SuBi Japanese restaurant. We hope to return again to explore the island on bicycles. arriving at Seattle by Bainbridge Ferry arriving at Seattle by Bainbridge Ferry view my art blog here . joining our beautiful world

bicycles, trains and ships for our 30 year anniversary

Elliott Bay Trail, Mt. Rainer and Seattle scape It doesn't seem like 30 years. Looking back, we were in Sendai, Japan for our 20th, and in Sapporo, Japan for our 10th. This year we travelled to Seattle for the day. The alarm went off at 4 a.m. After breakfast, we got ready and headed out to catch the 5:37 bus to the ferry. The bus arrived with plenty of time to catch the 6 a.m. ferry to Mukilteo. clinton - mukilteo ferry From the Mukilteo ferry dock, it's a short walk to the sounder train stop, and after about a 5 minute wait, the 6:26 a.m.train arrived. It's still dark and just as we're arriving in Seattle, the sun started to rise. A short walk from the King street train station to the light rail station, and we caught the light rail into downtown. seattle light rail station artwork, light rail station, westlake I love how we can get into Seattle without needing a car! The public transportation all runs smoothly and is pleasant