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my life, right now

ebey's landing on whidbey island I am coming out of a long winter into my Spring. "To the great sky then my spirit soared, that secret things still could give me joy." - Tu Fu joining In the Picture

preparing sumi ink, 52 photos

my hand, sumi ink stick and inkstone. Trying to tempt my muse away from drawing while my right hand is still on the mend, so today I set up my art table for sumi ink painting. The sounds, sights and scents fill my thoughts while the ink stick scratches along the inkstone. Elements for 52 photos

aceo, beach rocks

beach rocks II aceo Back in March, we took a ferry from Whidbey Island to another island and arrived at Port Townsend. We walked for miles and found many little surprises along the way. One of those were these stacked beach rocks which I blogged about in March. This aceo art card, Beach Rocks II , is inspired from the photo I took. I used monoprinted papers for the background, pencil and conte crayon for the rocks, and lastly micron pen for the word "harmony". I finished my zine this past week and have been taking breaks and trying to use my non-dominant hand more to let my drawing hand repair. Even my back and left arm wanted to join the aching muscles party. I was so focused on that project for several weeks that I didn't realise my body was breaking down from the repetitive actions of drawing and writing. Has that ever happened to you? You get so wrapped up in a project and it's only until you have finished it that you feel how physically sore you

man and bird drawing

migration 1 I found this sketch recently that I did when I was living in Japan. I was actually at work waiting for my student to arrive. While I waited I picked up some scratch paper and drew.   The scratch paper is dated Jan 10, 2009. The bird just appeared but I liked how the figure and bird worked together. This drawing fits perfectly into my migration theme that I'm working on now.  I hope everyone is having a good weekend and I look forward to seeing what everyone has been up to this week. joining sunday sketches

a moment in life

indoor jasmine My parents have a Jasmine plant in their front yard, so every time I catch the scent, I am reminded of home. Here are the first two lines of an old Zen story that I came upon yesterday:   Student: Please write for me some great wisdom.   The ancient Master Ichu took up his brush and wrote, "Attention." This Jasmine used to sit on the counter in my kitchen, but I found her sad too many times and brought her into my studio. She gets more care now and I am reminded more often to dwell in the moment. What have you found to give you a moment of quiet reflection? joining "a moment in life" for the 52 Photo Project . side note: I believe she is the "maid of orleans" of the Jasmine sambac species and was told she could be grown indoors.

zine, wip

The past couple of weeks I have been working on my first zine , "Migration". I've become addicted to reading zines as well. They are self-published, usually photocopied, original or appropriated material. The ones I've purchased have been the author's original material. What have you been reading lately? update I finished the migration zine, issue 1, and now have it in my galleryjuana shop on etsy. The link is in my sidebar to the right. The asterisk throughout the zine refers to my resources. I meant to put these links in the zine but thought a clickable link would be better, so here they are:

driftwood, bird

driftwood at deception pass beach Back in May, I blogged about the hike my husband and I did near deception pass . We ended up missing the second trailhead and getting lost. We had to cut through berry vines which made the going tough, but we found so many beautiful and interesting sights along the way. One of these gifts from nature was this driftwood that looks just like a bird. I say seagull; my husband says duck. We brought this seagull-duck home with us. As our apartment has no balcony or yard, this "gift" from the sea sits on our kitchen counter and measures 24 inches in length x 16 height x 5.25 width (61 cm x 41 cm x 13). joining 52 photos "gift"

delicate summer flowers

summer flowers There are so many different plants here in Washington and many that I am discovering for the first time. These delicate, berry-like flowers were on bushes that lined the hiking trail we were on. What little treasures have you found this week? "delicate" at 52 photos .