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my wish

wish for adventure Science and art have that in common that everyday things seem to them new and attractive. Friedrich Nietzsche As long as I can remember, there's always been a family road trip. Sometimes it was just a drive out of the city along the country roads. Other times it was to some unexplored small town or to visit family a few hours away. I think that's where my penchant for traveling started. It doesn't take much to have an adventure, and one doesn't really have to go far either. I think it's more about letting your mind wander, noticing both the details and letting the specifics melt away to a general fuzziness. I hope I never lose that craving to take a walk or to travel to some unknown place, to want to go beyond my set borders, even if it means just seeing what's new down road. joining 52 photos project for my wish

wide open spaces

books and the mind travels I wish you the courage to face yourselves and when you know what you really want to be and when you know what you really want to fight for, not in a war but in order to gain a peace, then I wish you imagination and understanding. -Eleanor Roosevelt joining 52 photos, wide open spaces

Right Now

the taste of love is sweet After two weeks, this bug is finally losing it's hold on me. Yesterday, I had enough energy to take a short walk through our small town and down to the ocean. It felt good to breathe fresh air and watch the sea water dance in circles with the wind. The grey clouds were moving East as the sun broke through with subtle hues of an early winter evening. As I was turning to come back home, I noticed a graffiti message someone had left on a post by the sea. What am I loving right now? memories my husband for all his jokes, hugs and shoulder massages that kept me going the last two weeks the strength to do art the return of my taste buds and sense of smell and lastly, my local library, for keeping stocked on great books! joining 52 photos

moving forward in 2013

Jan. 01. 2013 All the years past, I've looked forward to a new year coming. This year I had mixed feelings and couldn't understand why. Two days before the arrival of 2013, I realized that I wasn't ready for time to move forward. Had time stopped? Not exactly, but now time would be marked by 2013. 2012 saw the passing of my Mother. How could I move on from 2012 - that last year we had together? As I was looking for a book to check out from the library, I came across Moly Wizenberg's memoir, "A Homemade Life." She writes of her moving forward and self-discovery after her Father's death. The quote in the photo above is from her book. It reminded me that I am never without my Mom or Dad close by. Memories shine on and their light follows me wherever I go. Molly's story is interwoven with the memories that food holds and family recipes. She notes, "Food is never just food. It's also a way of getting at something else: