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Sketchbook Project 2011

I'm sending this off in the mail tomorrow.   I spent the day getting a time-lapse video of my sketchbook and then editing it to include music. I've really enjoyed participating in this project and meeting other artists from around the world through this project.  This is the first journal I've done, and I already have ideas for another journal. I'll slowly be posting more images of the pages in this sketchbook in the near future.

Tangerine Shadows

After non-stop days of much needed rain for our drought-stricken State, the clouds cleared to views of snow-capped mountains and blue skies for Christmas Eve. I took this photo while we were in the back yard picking the citrus fruit:  oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and lemons.  I remember the time when my Father was putting in these saplings ages ago.  He had to break through hardpan for each tree.  His garden is a living memory of him. After a late afternoon bike ride, we all were home to make the annual Tamales.  In my family, we stay up past midnight making the tamales and end with eating the first cooked batch.  My favorites are cheese with jalapenos and cheese with beans and jalapenos.   Once it turns midnight, we exchange our presents.      I certainly enjoyed sleeping in this morning.    I hope everyone is having a lovely Holiday. For more shadow shots, visit Hey Harriet's blog .

Hands Sketch

My Hands Hands fascinate me!  And I am in the mood for doing hand paintings and hand mixed media works. I used my own hands as a model.  I'll be working on creating new art pieces this week using this sketch. To view more Sunday Sketches, please visit the blue chair diary blog .


Tomatillo Husk Hope everyone is enjoying their shadow shot Sunday.  Hop over to HeyHarriet's blog to view more.

The Making of Oak and Linden, sketchbook project

I thought I'd go into detail about how most of my art works for the sketchbook project 2011 were done. The "Oak and Linden" pen drawing is inspired by the story of Baucis and Philemon who wished to be oak and linden trees intertwined upon their death.   The Process I drew the portraits of myself and my husband in pencil from an old photo taken when we were budget travelling through Mexico.  Lots of good memories from that trip! preliminary sketch for Oak and Linden The actual sketchbook page was already covered with a page from and old dictionary.  The main materials I used were pencil, sakura micron pens, rice paper, dictionary paper and acrylics.   The doodle lines were added free hand. Oak and Linden I For a more detailed tutorial, please view the full version with photos on my website:

Nest - Sunday Sketches

nest and heart Last Sunday PoeticArtist showed us her beautiful piece of two human beings looking at a nest.  Then days later,  I saw a nest in a magazine.  I had one last page to fill in my sketchbook for the sketchbook project 2011, and had been wondering what to add.  It finally hit me that a nest with a heart in it would work with the theme I am illustrating.  The above image shows my sketch in pencil.  Above that is the sketch in pen that I redrew onto rice paper.  I added the heart later with red washi paper. Nest I , detail of aceo  I loved how it came out in my sketchbook so I decided to do an aceo.  For the aceo above, I used gloss medium to adhere my rice paper drawing to the support.  I then painted some of the background with acrylics and  hand-stamped the word "love."  Below the nest layer is another painting.  If you hold it up to the light, you'll see a human figure kneeling.  The heart in the nest shows through and appears to be in his hand that

Sketchbook Project 2011 pages 2 and 3

I wrote the poem in 1999.  The sketch was done this past summer in 2010.  They both seemed to fit well together so I've married them here in my sketchbook. I am finally getting around to scanning all the pages.  I bought a new all in one printer/scanner just for this purpose.  Woo Hoo!  The book is pretty thick so some of the pages won't lie flat.   As I've stitched and reinforced the pages pretty well, taking the book apart now is not an option.   I've decided to do most of the pages that I like a second time, so that I'll have an original for myself.  Granted the second ones won't be exactly the same, but I'll still have something to keep.