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looking down

grey tree squirrel This Japanese Stewartia tree is  just beyond my window. I often look down to see what birds are at the bird feeder or what the tree squirrels are up to. It's that time of year when the tree squirrels climb the tree and forage the nuts. joining 52 photos view my art blog here .

reflection in the mirror

november self, sooc Sometimes I would get to thinking about my room, and in my imagination I would start at one corner and circle the room, mentally noting everything there was on the way. At first it didn't take long. But every time I started over, it took a little longer. I would remember every piece of furniture; and on every piece of furniture, every object; and of every object, all the details; and of the details themselves - a flake, a crack, or a chipped edge - the color and the texture. At the same time I would try not to lose the thread of my inventory, to make a complete list, so that after a few weeks I could spend hours just enumerating the things that were in my room. And the more I thought about it, the more I dug out of my memory things I had overlooked or forgotten. I realized then that a man who had lived only one day could easily live for a hundred years ... from The Stranger by Albert Camus joining 52 photos view my art blog here http://Ga

hot drinks, mainly coffee, actually only coffee

cappuccino in my favorite mug from Japan Some reasons for having a hot cup of something: Reason 1 Rewarding myself with a cappuccino after a good day of work. I bought a hand-held frothier for those times when I want that added pleasure of fluffy milky goodness topping my cup of coffee. Reason 2 I work at home, and although I love the view from my art room, sometimes I need a change of environment. Going out to a coffee shop is a good break, and the walk to town gives me some fresh air and time to comb through my thoughts. I'll take a cappuccino,  please. sunshine, cat haiku and coffee Reason 3 A couple of years ago, I changed my morning routine from starting my work as soon as I got up to taking some time in the morning to study and collect my thoughts. I treasure these quiet mornings with coffee and time to reflect. coffee and quiet reflection books and coffee joining 52 photos view my art blog here .