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day trips on a bicycle

Maxwelton Valley Autumn is my favorite season. There are cooler days filled with color. Some days are grey, but on those days, the autumn colors really stand out. Other days are sunny and the falling leaves glisten in the sun. Last weekend, we took a bike ride to our favourite Mexican restaurant on the island, and we took the long way there. Along the way, we passed Maxwelton Valley with the farm lands and green fields. snailmail happiness in Maxwelton Valley I often see the mailboxes decorated in fun themes. I finally got a photo of one! If my place wasn't a rental, I'd have my mailbox decorated too. got my riding socks on! Today is sunny and I'll be riding to the grocery store. And I won't be taking the direct route either. There are days when taking the long way to your destination makes the journey even better! joining our beautiful world view my art blog here .