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poloroid land 95b, sunday sketches

My latest addition to the sketchbook project 2012 is a drawing of my Father's poloroid land 95b. It's a fold-out camera that is well-built and heavy. A person could definitely work the arm muscles carrying this around. I love all the metal and the faux-leather casing. Unfortunately, the film for this camera is no longer available. I found information on how to convert it to take today's type of film , but it's very involved and requires sawing.   Not sure if I want to try it. This is the drawing in pencil. drawing in pencil This is the final version after being edited in gimp. gimp-edited, final version I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and wishing you all a creative and productive week. Hop over to Sophia's blog for more sunday sketches.

Bay Bridge and shadows

I missed posting for weeks, but I am back.  June has been busy with visits from relatives and a weekend trip.  All good things! view from our hotel room My husband and I haven't taken a get-away weekend in years.  My sister took care of my cat while we headed up to San Francisco last weekend.  I loved our hotel room which was near the water and had a beautiful view of the bay bridge. pier with view of the bay bridge On Sunday morning we got our coffee and took a walk down the pier across from our hotel.   The metal seats swivel for a 360 view.  Two fisherman were at the end of the pier with their rods set up.   We spent the day walking for almost 6 hours through the city.  I already want to go back! For more shadow shots, visit heyharriet's blog .

spoons, shadows and sketches

Do you have a preferred spoon or fork that you eat with?   I tend to like the heavier and thicker variety.  I hold pencils, forks and the like between my middle finger and my ring finger, so the thicker variety tend to be more comfortable. The one in the photo below is good for drawing although not one I'd use. Shadows my latest spoon model for my "encyclopeadia of collections" theme for the sketchbook project 2012 and my favorite mechanical pencil. Drawing The kitchen drawer is filled with two sets of flatware.   One set is my Mother's wedding set and the other is my Sister's wedding set.  Mixed in with those are singles.  These singles are old and abused and came to us in one way or another.  They have their safe haven in this drawer. Inspired by the various designs on these mismatched singles, I drew a spoon and fork and added the background color with software. For more sunday shadows, visit Tracy's blog . For more Sunday Sketches, visit S