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10 habits and Shadow Shot Sunday

#94 of Keri Smith's 100 ideas: Write 10 Habits You Have. 1. Coffee and something sweet for breakfast. I don't have an appetite until the afternoon. I know having a good breakfast is important, but I sure do enjoy my sweets with my cup of coffee which I sip slowly well into the late morning. 2. I wash my face every night before going to sleep. 3. I drink coffee out of the same cup every morning. 4. I keep my vitamins on my desk but forget to take them most of the time. 5. I try to remember my dreams when I wake up. 6. I carry my art journal every where I go, in case I have a free moment to draw. 7. I eat homemade tamales for Christmas whenever I am home for the holidays. We all stay up past midnight making them, and have the first batch just after midnight. 8. I "knock on wood", even though I know better. 9. I usually stay up past midnight. 10. I talk to my cat all the time. My husband never knows if I am talking to him or not. Shadow Shot Sunday Sputn

My Relationship with my Washing Machine

100 Ideas by Kerri Smith has some very interesting topics to keep me spiked with creative ideas. #39 is to write about my relationship with my washing machine. We bought this washing machine second-hand. Who knows how many owners it had previously or how long it had been sitting at the second-hand shop. The first time I used it, I did an empty cycle with bleach. The surprise was what came out from this machine's innards! I couldn't really tell what it was. At times, it looked like dried fish shavings. Other times, it looked like moths. I stopped counting how many cycles it took to eliminate what was inside. Eventually, I was satisfied that the machine was sanitized and no longer spewing its guts. After owning this machine for four years, today I took note of the word "dry" in English. I had seen this when we first got the machine, but it never really registered that the machine might be a dual-functioning washer/dryer! Even stranger, when I told my hus

Clouds for Shadow Shot Sunday

In early February I thought winter was beginning to leave. The air was warm and the days sunny. Last weekend, we had lots of snow! And it has been snowing off and on since. After a night of snow, the morning is always clear and sunny with a nice bite to the air . I took this photo from my balcony. It had been snowing all night and the weather was starting to clear up. To learn how to join or to see more shadow shots from a talented group, please visit Hey Harriet's blog .
You've all met my siamese cat, Sputnik, before and have heard how she likes to sit on her perch to sun herself. Here is another photograph of her that I took this week. The shadows are created by the patio door's frame. Visit Hey Harriet's blog for more shadow shots and to join.

20 Ways to Have More Time in a Day

This is #96 of Kerri's 100 Ideas/ 100 Days. It is time to move forward ... less stopping and starting. My List of "20 Ways to Have More Time in a Day" stems from my inability to pull myself from the Internet. So I made this list to help me wean myself from the computer. I hope to get more Art, reading, exercise and yoga done! 1. Shut off your computer earlier than usual. 2. Skip blow-drying your hair. 3. Turn off your cell phone. 4. Give yourself fewer choices with your wardrobe. 5. Pack a lunch instead of waiting in line. 6. Cook a one-pot meal that will last a couple of days. 7. Prioritize your day. 8. Limit time with popular media. 9. Plan Ahead 10. Set limits for unnecessary activities 11. Delegate 12. Multi-task when safe and possible. 13. Read a book that grips your interest. 14. Have lunch alone and do something for yourself. 15. Pay yourself to do or not do certain activities. 16. Keep your work area organized. 17. Eat more fresh vegetables for dinner (

White Shirt in the Sunset and shadow

We don't have a clothes dryer. On sunny days I hang the clothes outside. Last weekend we had snow and colder temperatures, so I had to hang some of my clothes inside. The sun came back for a while, and I got this photo as the sun was setting. To see more beautiful images and to join, please visit Hey Harriet's blog .