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Nov 21, 2007

Raindrops in my Hand, Original Painting on Rice paper

Being in Japan, there is no Thanksgiving holiday. However, with many Americans living here, we can order Turkeys for the holiday. Two years ago, we got a smoked turkey. I paid about $40 for it. I had my husband come with me to pick it up because I thought it was going to be big and heavy. When the supermarket clerk brought it to us, the box was so small that I couldn't believe it was a turkey. I had to confirm that it wasn't a whole chicken but a turkey. She assured me it was a turkey. I still didn't believe her. I checked the writing on the box. Yes, that said turkey too. It was just a little bigger than a whole chicken but ended up being the perfect size for us. I made stuffing and mashed potatoes from scratch and bought whole cranberries for the side. If you are in the States, I hope you have a wonderul Thanksgiving. As for me, no turkey dinner this year as I have to work late. Instead, I will take the day as a cue to be thankful for my life and family.

Sometimes the simplest moments can be powerful. When walking in the rain, I often put my open hand out to catch raindrops. There is something real in that moment.

My latest listing at Etsy is a mixed media painting. Ink, pencil and watercolor on fibrous rice paper. This is a detail.


Bea said...

Ohhh that's wonderful!

I wish I could draw hands!

Neda said...

I like it. Checked the Etsy shop too.. Bravo!

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