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Dec 12, 2007

Monthly Update

The Gallery Juana Newsletter has arrived. If you haven't been to my Etsy shop recently, here is ...

What's New:

What's in the Works:

Geisha II

I just finished a smaller Collage titled, Geisha II. 21cm x 15 cm

It began with a painting of a Geisha on rice paper which was then glued to canvas board. Textured rice paper dyed with Sumi Ink represents her hair. Ephemera and two slivers of rice paper embellishes her hair for ornaments. Japanese fabric adds color and detail to her Kimono. The background was painted with gold acrylic. I just need to do a few touch-ups and then varnish it.

This collage will be available by the end of December.


Neda said...

Exquisite! LOve the detailed fabric. Bravo!

Mauricio said...

Nice art.....

I´m know your blog in the Neda´s links :O)

Cheers from Brazil

Gallery Juana said...

Thank you Neda and Mauricio (muito obligado!)

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