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Feb 10, 2008

Vending Machines in Japan

In Japan, since most people take public transportation, walk or ride a bicycle to get where they are going, vending machines can be found on just about every block in the city. I can't even remember when I last used a vending machine in California, but I can easily remember buying something from a vending machine in Sendai, Japan.

There are your usual items to be bought from vending machines in Japan: soft drinks and juice. You can also get energy drinks, beer and cigarrettes.

Some of the more unexpected food items: oden, udon, crepes.
As soon as you drop your coins in, the udon vending machine will place cooked udon noodles and broth in a bowl for your dining pleasure. The crepes are made locally in my city, Sendai, and lovingly placed in a container and sold in the crepe vending machine. I have yet to try these but I have heard they are delicious.

For more information and photos of vending machines in Japan:

The Japan Times

Two Minute Japan

Photomann Travel


Rima said...

Thanks for the chuckle this morning - this is utterly fascinating... and I even spent a lot of time checking out the last link (Hello Kitty Popcorn! Fries! Farm-fresh Eggs!) - Cute

jewelstreet said...

How neat! That is so interesting. Most people here in the states wouldn't hardly buy anything except snacks and sodas from a vending machine.

I would love to come to Japan and try one of your vending machines.

Gallery Juana said...

Thanks for stopping by. I am going to have to experience the crepe vending machine for myself!

Blue & White Wear said...

HI - Such an interesting blog - really enjoy reading about your life in Japan. We visited friends in Tokyo - almost 22 years ago - and I clearly remember seeing vending machines everywhere. Your art work is great!

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