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Mar 29, 2008

Handpainted, Bamboo Pendant and Cherry Blossoms

I listed my first Art Pendant in my Gallery Juana Etsy shop today. I love the idea of functional art. I also love to paint and collage. Now both loves can meet together in this pendant. This bamboo pendant is an original, handpainted, collage small work of art.

Cherry Blossom season has already started in Japan. In Sendai, which is further north on Honshu island, the blossoms have yet to bloom. The tradition is to sit under the Cherry Blossom trees and drink your brains out or have a picnic, depending on your preference. I prefer the picnic and in a secluded area. Finding a secluded area is hard but possible. Usually it is under a not so pretty tree, but with enough blossoms to enjoy the feeling that spring has arrived. The cherry blossom blooms for just a short time, so traditionally the blossoms represent the transient nature of life. I guess I am reminded to enjoy what I have and appreciate and utilize the possibilities that each day has to offer.


Chris Stone said...

Nice pendant! and loved the story about the Cherry Blossoms. I wonder if I can plant a Cherry tree...

Mary said...

Juana, your pendant is gorgeous and your ACEOs are delightful. They remind me of Rodin but you have given them a very nice sophisticated oriental touch.

How I envy anyone that lives where Cherry trees grow. Enjoy them!

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