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Apr 9, 2008

Golden Week

Golden week is a major holiday that spans the end of April through the first week of May. The official holidays fall on April 29 and May 3rd through May 6th. I will talk about each day in future posts.

I get the official holidays off, and I am looking forward to it. Golden week is a crazy time to travel in or out of Japan. Prices are higher. Public transportation is more crowded. I plan to paint and take more pics with my digital camera.

On Monday, I spent the morning reading the user manual to my G9 Canon. I have only gotten half way through it. There are so many neat functions on the camera. I wanted to try some of them out, so I went for a walk near my apartment. The cherry blossoms have just begun to bloom. I used the color enhancer feature for the Cherry blossoms picture. It took the tangerine color of the wall and added it to the blossoms and building's wood grain.

For the Buddha picture I used the feature which chooses one color in the image and keeps only that color. All the other colors are muted to a grayish hue. I like how the Buddha statue came out with red chosen as the featured color. The camelia bush also had red blooms. The last visit was to some wooden sculptures of Gods that my Husband had pointed out to me a few months ago. I used Irfanview to save as a b/w. I plan to make small prints of these latter two images available soon.

Just a side note: All these photos were taken on an overcast day. For speed, these photos are low resolution, 72dpi.


High Desert Diva said...

Very nifty features. I really like the way the Buddha photo turned out. You've almost inspired me to find my manual and actually read it.

jewelstreet said...

Those are cool features. You're coming along with that camera. The pics are beautiful. The cherry blossom one is my favorite.

Liz (made in lowell) said...

Beautiful pics! Really cool to see pictures from a place so different from where I live, thanks for letting me travel virtually :)

Kellybot said...

I love the Buddha picture - turned out great!

Chris Stone said...

Hi, I tagged you. um. if this is not your thing don't worry about it! I had some fun with it, and, hope if you decide to do it you have fun also!

(I need to figure out html links and whatnot! I'm not the best of taggers, that's for sure!)

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