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May 19, 2008

Blind Female Shamans of Aomori

This past weekend I learned about Osorezan ("Dread Mountain") in Aomori on Northern Honshu island. Founded in 862 A.D., this sacred mountain is famous for Itako, female Shamans, who undergo rigorous training, before gaining the title and practice of Itako. In July and October, there are special festivals where the Itako communicate with the Dead. Osorezan Bodaiji Temple, located on Osorezan, is one of the three most sacred places in Japan.

Blind shamans are predominant throughout Japan's northeastern prefectures, including Tochigi and Ibaragi prefectures. The names for these shamans vary depending on the region. The Life of a Shamaness includes two very interesting short memoirs of two female Shamans.
My latest painting is Maya II


Rosebud Collection said...

Very interesting and a beautiful painting..

eg said...

Bonjour, merci pour ces très belles peintures!

Gallery Juana said...

Bonjour Rosebud and Eg, thanks for stopping by.

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