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Jul 3, 2008

Green Thumb and Natto

I don't have a green thumb but sometimes I get lucky. I have one houseplant which I've had for about 3 years. Since my cat refuses to leave it alone, the houseplant sits on the top of the fridge. I can't admire it from that height. So, every morning, I take it down from the fridge and place it on my desk. If I am gone for any extended period it goes back up on the fridge. I don't know the name of this plant, but every so often it will bloom. It has two flowers now.

The past week I have been busy putting together a press release for my upcoming show. This week, I need to get the postcards printed and the press release sent out.

What is Natto?

Certain Regions in Japan eat Natto. It is a popular dish for any meal in the Tohoku region where I live. Natto is a fermented soy bean dish. My husband likes to eat it sometimes for breakfast. The Japanese say " neba, neba" to describe the gooey, slimy consistency of natto. It also has a very distinct aroma. To me the smell is a cross between ammonia and rotten meat. I tried a dish that looked like Natto once in a restaurant, and it was pretty good. However, there was no smell and no "neba, neba," so maybe it was something else.

I found an interesting video on youtube that explains natto and how to eat it.
#151 Natto

I love beans. I am still looking for that perfect Natto ... something similar to what I tried in the restaurant.


Joy Logan said...

YAY congrats and good luck on your show!!! I found that nervewracking to do myself,but it's exciting to see when it's done. I had even had a response from a gallery as far away as San Fran. I had no idea how to ship that far at the time and let the offer go,sigh.

Jamie Ferraioli said...

I've never heard of Natto. I watched the video..and can't say it looks very tasty! And then with your description of the way it smells...hmm..I don't know if I'll be trying Natto anytime soon! Very interesting though!

Chris Stone said...

you going to post a copy of your postcard? would love to see it!

My cat goes after my plant more for entertainment value it seems. To see me jump up! Kitty cat laughter is not discernable to the human ear. Thankfully!

Rosebud Collection said...

That kind of plant is in the Malls here..You are doing a great job with it..I was lucky this year too..Two plants I had bloomed and that is saying something for me.
I don't think Natto would be one of my choices..especially with the smell, ammonia/rotten meat..I couldn't get past that smell.

Anonymous said...
The plant is a peace lily

Gallery Juana said...

Joy, you are right about it being nerveracking! I am at the four week countdown now.

Jaime, thanks for visiting. My students tell me Natto curry is delicious.

Chris, I will post a pic of the postcard. Good idea.

Rosebud, we seem to have the same luck with plants, which makes it more exciting when one of them lives!

anonymous, thanks for the info on the name of the plant:)

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