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Aug 24, 2008

Shadow Shot Sunday

Hurray! My first Solo Exhibition in Sendai, Japan went very well. I will write more on that later. Thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition!

This is my first time to join the shadow shot sunday. This is a close-up of some sunflowers I received. I like the colorful shadows in the yellow petals and the shadow on the green. See Hey Harriet's blog for links to other blogs that have joined.

Sunflower Shadow Shot Sunday


Sandra Ree said...

Welcome to SSS! Your shadow shot is very beautiful!

Toni said...

So pretty - your photo makes me happy :) Amazing how intricate flowers really are...isn't it?

Congrats on your showing!

Sweet Repose said...

Welcome to SSS, I so love the shadowy veins on flowers, it's a whole other dimension of vision, one normally wants to look only at the beautiful flower. Good shot!


Lisa B. said...

Welcome to SSS! Oh my goodness...that is a beautiful photograph! You've got some real talent with a camera!!

Chris Stone said...

What a beautiful picture! I keep saying I'll do a SSS... sometime! And glad to hear the exhibition went well. do you have any pictures of the gallery and your exhibition?

congrats again!

Gallery Juana said...

Sandra and Lisa, thank you for coming by.

Toni and Sweet Repose, I got a whole new perspective of sunflowers through this shot. I just might start looking at the underside of flowers more often.

Chris, I wil post pics of the show soon:)

Hey Harriet said...

Oh my, that is one beautiful photo! Sunflowers are my fave flowers! They are so cheery :) It's wonderful that you've joined in SSS! Thanks heaps for playing!

PS- I adore your artwork. I've admired it on Etsy before. Gorgeous!

Cherry Lane Jane said...

That is beautiful!!! your very talented with the camera

Rosebud Collection said...

So happy you joined in..I have to tell you, it really is fun..sometimes I get a little carried away, dragging things around the house just for a shadow.
Your picture is beautiful and what a shadow..Wonderful job.

Ali said...

Such a lovely photo!

Greyscale Territory said...

What a brilliant pic! Love the colours!

Gallery Juana said...

thanks for all your wonderful welcomes and comments!

heyharriet, great idea you had to start this.

Rosebud, I know what you mean about going all out just to get a good shot.

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